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Canadian Forces looking for a pistol replacement. Czech mate?   Small Arms <20mm

Started 28-Jan by SiverSurfeR; 3859 views.

From: SiverSurfeR


Even better, perhaps big name appliance manufacturer "Whirlpool" could provide that TDP.  Probably is collecting dust at the bottom of a safe in a Toronto basement. They acquired control of Inglis in 1987 and changed the company's name to Whirlpool Canada in 2001. Today the Inglis brand still  survives under Whirlpool. Back in March 1938, as many of you know, Inglis won a contract to supply 5,000 Bren machine guns to Great Britain and 7,000 to Canada starting in 1940. Three years laters they were producing 60% of the Bren guns destined for the British Commonwealth forces, and 30% of the British Army together with a large share of the Polsten 20 mm autocannon and, of course, the Browning Hi-Power with many of them going to China (hello NP-18). Inglis went onto appliance business after the war but also produced machinery for the Tribal-class destroyers. 


From: Farmplinker


marked Hi-Power.I would buy a Whirlpool 


From: nincomp


Would it be painted white to match your other appliances?


From: SiverSurfeR


I'd go for a champagne or sunset bronze finish, the soft bronze look is subtle with a slightly metallic sheen. It’s warm and glowing, the perfect contrast to the chill of stainless steel or the usual dull black or tan. The golden-ish color is some mix of silver, bronze, and rose gold, offering a statement-making alternative to the pretty but safe finishing of the post millennium WoT conflicts. It’s colorful enough to be noticed, but not so much as to take over the chow hall or PX exchange. Perfect for deciders who loves the boldly look of retro but still wants to maintain a little subtlety. Millenials be sold in 3, 2, 1...