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Ukraine weapons thread   General Military Discussion

Started 24/2/22 by gatnerd; 190656 views.

From: Gr1ff1th


PzH2000 have arrived in ukraine, along with a friendly greeting to the russians


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From: 17thfabn


If they are sending Leapord 1 with the 105 mm there are probably 1,000s of US M60  tanks that would be a rough equivalent that could be sent.


From: graylion


yup. I do have my doubts about this though. I think they dug up old information and drew the wrong conclusions. Also, Those tanks would be useful as FSVs, but not as MBTs. 


From: schnuersi


graylion said:

Leo1A5 headed to UA?

there are no substancial news on this topic.


From: Mustrakrakis


I'm disappointed.  We used to have a number of posters on this forum that were very vocal about the supremacy of Russian equipment, and were ready and willing to insert such opinions into nearly any conversation.  (In truth, it was mostly Soviet equipment or derivatives that were being discussed, but whatevs.  Those largely sucked too.)  Are we not talking about this anymore?  In truth, I only came back here to see the "muh monkey model" rationalizations and mine a little salt, but we seem to be talking around that subject entirely without addressing the rather obvious elephant in the room.  Again, very disappointing, but I suppose when this is all over and enough years have elapsed for those with short attention spans to forget the recent past, they'll start talking about it again, and we'll get to hear yet again about how good the ACTSHUAL T-72 truly is.  I miss those days, and I look forward to the return of those delusional muppets.  They could be annoying, but they were entertaining nonetheless. 

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


And you came to that conclusion based on what , Ukraine where 2 armies are both fighting with nearly same soviet gear?


From: JPeelen


I think this is because everyone is speechless. The abyssmal operational, tactical and logistic performance of the Russian forces in their war against Ukraine is the really big surprise in my view.  

It makes no sense to discuss weapon system strengths or weaknesses, when the crews of the aggressor seem to not know how to  make effective use of them.        


From: schnuersi


Mustrakrakis said:

and we'll get to hear yet again about how good the ACTSHUAL T-72 truly is.

How good by todays standards can a tank developed in the late '60 based on a concept from the late '50 be?