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Next Gen Stinger / MANPAD    General Military Discussion

Started 9-Apr by gatnerd; 5926 views.

From: taschoene


A lot of good points there.

MHTK is really interesting, given the small size and active radar seeker.  It's even been proposed in a multi-shot pod suitable for man-portable use.

It might be interesting to see a family of systems approach -- a small interceptor like MHTK for killing Class 1-2 UAS loaded into a multi-round canister that would be interchangeable with a larger single-shot MANPADS that is more of a Stinger replacement for engaging helicopters, low-flying fixed-wing aircraft, and low-flying Class 3 UAS.  If it is interchangeable with Javelin, so much the better.  Your dedicated air defense launchers can be useful even in a lower air threat environment and your ATGM teams can become a  supplemental air defense threat if need be.

In terms of the direct Stinger replacement, adopting some sort of dual-mode seeker (IR/UV plus MHTK-style radar) seems like it would improve countermeasures resistance.  And then yes, anything you can to to improve kinematics out of the tube would be good.