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37x220 Soviet ammo for ZSU-37-2 Yenisey and Shkval gun   Ammunition 20-57mm

Started 26-May by Petrus_Optim; 383 views.

From: autogun


Thanks, that's interesting. Any more information about the cartridge (case diameters, weighs MV etc)?

I have seen a suggested link between the Yenisey cartridge and the 37 x 240 Chinese (current naval ammo).


From: Petrus_Optim


In sources on the ZSU-37-2 Yenisey there is info on ballistic perfomance of its guns: projectile weight 0.733 kg, MV 1010 mps.

RoF of the Angara system (twin 500P guns) in the ZSU-37-2: 1048 rpm (so 524 rpm for a single cannon). RoF of the Shkval 4x600 rpm.

Frankly I tried to gather info on the ammunition for the Yenisey/Shkval just because I suspect that the Chinese somehow took advantage of the 500P cannon and/or its ammunition. There are some Chinese projects (eg. BJ-212 jeep, J-8 fighter, Luda-class destroyers etc.) that strikingly resemble projects that were cancelled in the USSR. The Chinese might have been given the whole projects for further development or they 'acquired' them a different way (and then reversed engineered them). Possibly the Type 76 naval gun (and 37x240 ammo) was 'inspired' by the Soviet developments of the late 1950s.



From: autogun


That's interesting. The PLAN 37 x 240 is credited with firing a 725 g pro at 1,010 m/s, which is VERY close to the Yenisey.

NORINCO has offered a couple of mountings - the original H/PJ76F naval twin mount in 37 x 240 (RoF 360 rpm per barrel, apparently based on the OTOBreda Fast Forty / Bofors) and the much simpler "semi-automatic" AN3, available in 37 x 240 or 35 x 228 Oerlikon. This gun is based on the Oerlikon KDF and fires at 550 rpm. 

The pic shows a 35 x 228 round above a replica of the 37 x 240. The main difference in effect is that the 37 mm fires a heavier projectile at a lower velocity.