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Rheinmetall Panther 2 KF51 Tank with 130mm   Army Guns 20+mm

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From: graylion


stancrist said:

"The KF51 Panther can be easily updated and equipped with the latest capabilities and functions. Its advanced, modular, open NGVA system architecture enables iterative development, which can then be updated in harmony with innovation cycles." ^^ ...Sure they never mention any modularity or options. Precisely where in those statements do you see mention of any options for coax weapons?



From: stancrist


graylion said:

       stancrist said:  Precisely where in those statements do you see mention of any options for coax weapons?


The statement about "modular, open NGVA system" refers to electronics, not weapons.

NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture – NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (


From: stancrist


17thfabn said:

I get the impression the new light tanks will only go to light divisions such as the 82 nd Airborne, 101st Air Assault, 10 th Mountain etc.

Yeah, the 82nd has been wanting a replacement for the M551 Sheridan ever since it was retired in 1996.

M551 Airborne Reconnaissance Assault Vehicle aka Sheridan Tank M551 Sheridan was developed to provide the US Army with a light armored reconnaissance vehicle with heavy firepower. The ...

Explaining the MPF Light Tank's Future Role (U.S. Army)

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Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


IF Elbit Light tank offering is any orientation, as it built on same platform just with 105 cannon instead of 120mm, this thing is armored to level 4 so 14.5mm HMG everything else will be up armoring packages

If anyone is interested in scans of the old Leopard 3 proposal.