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FN Five seveN MK3 Optics Ready    Small Arms <20mm

Started 15-Jun by gatnerd; 552 views.

From: gatnerd


I've actually been looking for a universal holster; which one are you using?


From: roguetechie


Warrior assault systems universal... I have two and I absolutely love them!

Here's a nice picture illustrating why I love them.

So as you can see here there's actually a physical locking mechanism that grabs the front of the trigger guard and it comes with a spare block in a Different shape for more squared off guards etc.

The important thing is my gun feels extremely secure and isn't going to come out even if I eat it and roll down a hill uncontrollably. 

The thumb break Is intuitive and manages to be very easy to release if the holster Is on you while being pretty difficult to actuate if you are reaching from it to try and take someone's gun.

They're also pretty reasonably priced. I got my multicam one from gear zone tactical, the coyote one is because eod-gear took my money after saying it was in stock on their site and after I hadn't heard anything from them for 3 weeks I contacted them and said hey what's the deal?

They literally told me oh yeah you can't actually expect us to know what we have in stock blah blah warrior assault systems THINKS They might have materials to make more in 6 weeks...

Had I not contacted them I would have just waited 12+ weeks before I maybe got one.

Moral to this story, unless you're doing agency ordering don't order from eod-gear.

P.s. warrior assault systems themselves had to intervene to even get them to send me a coyote one and refund me.

I know you didn't ask about this part but when you have an experience this bad it's important to let the community know.