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EVICTED from Toronto park,    Political issues

Started Aug-1 by Ella (Steellar); 63 views.
Ella (Steellar)

From: Ella (Steellar)


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“Afro-Indigenous Rising” EVICTED from Toronto park, Rebel News swarmed by unwashed masses

By David Menzies | August 01, 2020

“Afro-Indigenous Rising” EVICTED from Toronto park, Rebel News swarmed by unwashed masses

FINALLY, the Antifa-types who were occupying Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto we’re forced to vacate by law enforcement (they were breaking numerous sections of the Trespass Act for weeks, after all.)

Many of the occupiers are the rank and file thugs who make up Afro Indigenous Rising – the same squatters who finally moved out of Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square after occupying the premises for three long, filthy weeks.

All they want is for the Toronto Police Service to be abolished.

Odd, though, how the vast majority of these bums — er, I mean, social justice warriors — are neither black or native but lily white. (“Allies”, surely!)

Then there are the useful types (namely, homeless people, drug addicts, and the mentally ill) who actually occupy the tents (the ringleaders, you see, tend to stay at the Sheraton Hotel, where rooms start at $277/night.)

But apparently even Mayor John (“Could you please, please leave, pretty please with sugar on top?”) Tory had had enough of this motley crew and sent in the cops on Monday to return Dufferin Grove Park to the city’s taxpaying citizens (what a concept!).

+ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxlKXTpBxPI
Rebel News

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From: NewsFrea1


Such hostile gangs with enormous hostility often raid business, demolishing everything

''Much ado about nothing'' ...

Like the comedy by Shakespeare thought to have been written in 1598 and 1599, as Shakespeare was approaching the middle of his career.