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From: brisom8/29/16 1:04 PM 
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Hello, I've done a little beading before and want to give it another go.


I do have a question and I mean no offense to anyone but I don't know how to ask it without asking it.


Can you do serious high end jewelry with beading? I get the impression the "real" jewlery making is metalsmithing. 

Where do you get high quality beads? I only have my local Walmart, that wouldn't be good enough to sell would it?  Don't you stay away from the plastic stuff and get the "real" beads?




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From: ~BeadyBellyrina~ (KabbalistIFA) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/17/16 11:07 AM 
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You've posted in a dead forum. I would recommend going to Facebook to find beading groups.  Most the beaders from this forum have pretty much moved to Facebook.
There are ALL sorts of online bead stores to choose from - too many to list. You definitely want to stay away from Walmart and even the other big box craft stores to find quality beads at decent prices.

I have no idea what kind of beading you do and therefore can't really recommend what kind for you to buy. There are all kinds of beading methods out there. As well as all kinds of beads.  I personally love to use Japanese beads (delicas, toho, miyuki, etc...) and some of the Czech beads are also good  - esp. their much coveted true cut 15/0 charlottes (very hard to find those!) and the fire polished are very popular. Swarvoski crystals are also high end beads to use (watch out for fakes!). There are also all sorts of artisan cabochons you could choose from - as well as crystal stone cabochons... It really depends on what kind of beading you are wanting to do.

I definitely recommend you coming over to Facebook. You'll see all kinds of variety of bead artists over there - from bead embroidery, various beaded ropes, freeform, shirbori, soutache, loom, etc, etc.... You can join beading groups over there and get dozens of different answers to your questions;o) As well as tutorials and book recommendations. I'm afraid you won't get many responses here... GL!! and Happy Beading!!=o)



From: kathy47 (kth47) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/21/16 10:15 AM 
To: ~BeadyBellyrina~ (KabbalistIFA) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 5) 
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Well that is sad. I just found this forum and now find that it's dead....boohoo....


From: cozyhomelife (encantame_01) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/6/16 8:07 PM 
To: brisom unread  (4 of 5) 
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Hey, just came here for the first time and see we are both from Ohio!   I tat and do beads on some simple jewelery.   Like you, I just have Walmart, although if I could get out, I could make it to a Hobby Lobby/Michaels.   But I can't.   My Fall jewelery set is:


From: ~BeadyBellyrina~ (KabbalistIFA) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/7/16 8:25 AM 
To: kathy47 (kth47) DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (5 of 5) 
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Maybe you can revive it;o) I have tried in the past, but alas... everyone is on FB so that's what I hang now.


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