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Greetings to all. I found this forum recently and am grateful to all who have contributed so much valuable info on pps. I contracted polio at age of 3 and recovered well to lead a fairly normal life with the help of a caliper on my right leg. Physical and mental fatigue which slowly started at age 35 was a major factor in opting to retire at age 54. Since then have had to stop wearing caliper as it causes backache. I am 70 now and use crutches but after a 5 minutes of walking, hands start aching, fingers freeze. (upper limbs were always quite strong, hence feel very concerned at this weakness in arms and hands). For longer distances i use electric scooter.

None of the doctors ever said anything about pps when i kept complaining about fatigue. I too had not heard of pps until much later. In the meantime, was very relieved when the cause of my fatigue was finally found when i was 45.... by a neurologist who did a sleep lab test and diagnosed narcolepsy (day time sleepiness caused by a disorder in which one's sleep lacks the stage in which the brain is refreshed, hence keeps giving signals all day that i need more sleep). Was given ritalin (methylphenidate) which is not a cure but does keep me awake and alert esp in early part of the day. Since i was now able to again manage a full day at work, i never thought much about pps when it was brought to my notice. In the last 5 years, the fatigue free time kept decreasing to the point that i find it too tiring to go out after sunset. In short, physical fatigue and aches as well as mental fatigue are progressing at a faster pace. Mental fatigue is such that a simple conversation (chit chat with friends) of one hour is too much.. feel drained and need a rest of few hours to recover. Have reached a stage where it feels that i should look beyond narcolepsy and look closely at whether pps has been the culprit all these years either solely or in addition to narcolepsy. I would appreciate your help re foll questions:

1. Ritalin enabled me to keep working full time for an additional 10 years and still keeps me mentally quite alert until late afternoons .... am i right that it does not feature in the medicines prescribed for pps? If so, I wonder why not.

2. Does pps cause the kind of mental fatigue i described above?

3. Is there any point in exploring whether i have pps given that i already follow the do's and dont's like proper diet, regular rest periods, avoiding excessive exercise ?

4. How to balance the need to control high cholestrol and high blood pressure with medicines and the need to avoid the muscle weakening side effects of such medicines?

Thanks for your help,

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