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From: OSarge (DD214_98)5/9/18 12:31 PM 
To: All  (1 of 61) 

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In keeping with the intentions of Chazz, in his honor and for our new hostess’ efforts to keep the forum strong and active, I make the following pledges while posting in The Big Picture:

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From: OSarge (DD214_98)5/9/18 12:33 PM 
To: All  (2 of 61) 
 64480.2 in reply to 64480.1 

1. I will no longer demean posters with references to “flouncing”. Many left for many reasons, real and imagined. Should they return, let’s welcome them with grown up conversations 


From: OSarge (DD214_98)5/9/18 12:34 PM 
To: All  (3 of 61) 
 64480.3 in reply to 64480.2 

2. I will no longer play games with people’s chosen screen names. I might spell wrong, but won’t twist “OSarge” into “OldSludge” or similar nicknames for other posters.


From: OSarge (DD214_98)5/9/18 12:36 PM 
To: All  (4 of 61) 
 64480.4 in reply to 64480.3 

3. When I disagree with posters ideologies, politics, religion, perception of history etc, I will refrain from sinking into personal tit-for-tat slamming and insults to the posters. 

However, I reserve the right to slam public figures


From: OSarge (DD214_98)5/9/18 12:39 PM 
To: All  (5 of 61) 
 64480.5 in reply to 64480.4 

4. When I see left leaning posters attack right leaning posters or right leaning posters attack left leaning posters , I will not take sides of the personal attacks, only the actual issues. I will only remind both sides of personal attacks to “be nice” and try to continue the current events discussion or just step away.


From: OSarge (DD214_98)5/9/18 12:40 PM 
To: All  (6 of 61) 
 64480.6 in reply to 64480.5 

5. If I get into personal arguments in other forums, I will not continue those arguments in The Big Picture. 


From: OSarge (DD214_98)5/9/18 12:45 PM 
To: All  (7 of 61) 
 64480.7 in reply to 64480.6 

6. I hereby challenge all left leaning, right leaning , Center leaning, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheist, Gay, Straight, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, American, European, African, Asian, Black, White, Latino, Asian, tall, short, fat, skinny, fit, blue eyed, brown eyed posters to go on record for talking this pledge by replying in this thread with “count me in”.


From: OSarge (DD214_98)5/9/18 12:46 PM 
To: All  (8 of 61) 
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From: MasonJarre5/9/18 12:48 PM 
To: OSarge (DD214_98)  (9 of 61) 
 64480.9 in reply to 64480.7 

Me too...OK!

  • Edited May 9, 2018 12:49 pm  by  MasonJarre

From: OSarge (DD214_98)5/9/18 12:50 PM 
To: MasonJarre  (10 of 61) 
 64480.10 in reply to 64480.9 

Aye, but the magic words are “count me in” :-)


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