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What will be best option among them to Invest

Started Sep-15 by Snappyalex; 214 views.

From: Snappyalex


I have surplus money and am looking for the best suitable investment option. I am doing a Job in a private company in UAE and have savings of about 8000$.

Looking for your precious suggestions to earn handsome revenue.


From: WillamAlvin


Well, I am also living in UAE and I have invested a huge amount in multiple streams that are profitable too.

These are the investment options in UAE that you go with and working well for me too:

  • Stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Gold 
  • ETFs


A portion of a company becomes yours when you buy its stock. Two methods exist for profiting from stock ownership:

Dividends: The vast majority of businesses choose to distribute a portion of their net income to shareholders. We refer to this portion as a dividend. Depending on the number of shares you own, the company will pay you a dividend. Most businesses distribute dividends every three months.

Price appreciation: For our purposes (long-term investing), the allure of stocks lies in the rise in their value (as determined by the stock price) over a period of many years. For example, (If you invested 60 AED in stock in 2021 and it is now worth 150 AED, you have made 90 AED.

Mutual Funds:

When you invest in a mutual fund, you don't own the individual investments; instead, you own a portion of the mutual fund (the mutual fund operates as a company). In other words, the shareholder actually owns the mutual fund rather than the stocks or bonds the fund purchases. (It's my personal favorite)


 It's probably the most secure option to invest in and will give you a handsome profit. I first use a website to see the gold price and then make my decision to invest. Even after investing regularly, I keep on checking the gold prices


Today's standard illustration of a common passive investment is an ETF.

ETFs are now among the most widely used investment assets for diversification over the past ten years. An investor can gain exposure to a variety of stocks or bonds in that basket by owning shares of one ETF.

For a detailed overview, you can read this article.

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From: Wongleer


online business matching platform Your network is crucial to the success of your small business. You may interact with people and seize opportunities that advance your company in addition to helping you reach more potential clients.

Because of this, networking should be viewed as a terrific means of business marketing and as an investment in your future success.


From: finneyhall


That’s a great idea to start your own business. But when starting a new business there are risks that come along, and you have to be sure that you can take them. Since you’ve mentioned that you already have a job, luckily, there are businesses that you can do without leaving your current job and taking that extra risk. Such one is e-commerce.

And there are many different types of e-commerce businesses you could start. A few examples include a site that sells clothes, accessories, or home decor; a site that specializes in unique or vintage items; a website that sells used goods; or a site that specializes in one type of product (like pet supplies).

Think thoroughly about this, as when it comes to starting an e-commerce business, the most important thing is to choose a niche market with which you are familiar and passionate about.

If it sounds like an idea, give it a whirl! GL!