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What is Text Neck & How Does Chiropractic Care Help With Text Neck?

Started Dec-7 by priya4420; 33 views.

From: priya4420


Text Neck is a modern health issue that is being founded in our youth generally, and text neck, problem neck gets bent around 45 to 60 degrees due to over usage of mobile phones while using mobile phones we look downside, and on the regular basis our necks automatically bent down. According to medical data, there are 3 levels of the neck first is 10-12 lbs which are perfect neck, second is 50 lbs which are 45 degrees of neck bend, and the third is 60 lbs called 60 degrees of neck bend. And the question comes how does chiropractic care text neck problems? so the answer is through a natural process to cure the text neck problems through therapy like exercise and more... If you want to know more about text neck problems and solutions so this blog post ( Thanks...