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Auto Privat Verkaufen

Started Dec-8 by kfzdealer; 50 views.

From: kfzdealer


Private car sale - there are a few points to consider

The Germans still prefer to sell their car privately. Numerous websites, apps and sales portals offer the opportunity to sell your own used car by stating various specifications. Filter options for the car brand, mileage, first registration and various special equipment offer car buyers and car sellers many options for the car ad. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider. We will show you some tips on how to get good prices and be on the safe side legally.

The advantages are apparent

Auto privat verkaufen

Auto Verkaufen onlone

Auto Verkaufen 

Freedom of contract applies in Germany. This means that private individuals are also allowed to do business with each other and to design the details in verbal or written contracts according to their own ideas, as long as other rights are not violated. Individual design is therefore a major advantage. Bad prices for dealer trade-ins also make many private car sellers believe in private sales. With a little negotiating skill, good prices can actually be achieved if the car is presented well.

With it is of course even easier. Simply have your car valued online and a fair price will be in your account in no time. Safe and easy.

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