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Life is full of uncertainties, emergencies often occur unexpectedly and natural disasters sometimes strike without any warning signs. The least we could do is to be prepared by having essential emergency supplies on hand, making a plan for ourselves and our loved ones, and being informed. Such simple and easy actions will make all the difference. These are things for which we should all be prepared, but none of us are. Having an emergency radio does not make you paranoid; it makes you smart. An NOAA Weather Radio can help you monitor dangerous storms: it transmits alerts of severe weather and dangerous conditions before they arrive. The ETR Solar Hand Crank Radio is the best survival radio outperforming other models in terms of reception, flashlight brightness, and charging efficiency. A cutting-edge portable radio that enables you to maintain contact with the outside world. A personal power bank, regular AM/FM/SW channels, an ultra-bright LED flashlight, a reading light, an SOS alarm, and national weather warnings are all provided using just solar energy. place your order and get your order in your house within 1-2 business days.

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