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From: JingleShawl (LakotaMaya)5/22/02 12:42 PM 
To: nikkimo911  (2 of 30) 
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i'm a jingle dress dancer, but i would like to learn how to blanket dance.
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From: nikkimo9115/22/02 8:01 PM 
To: JingleShawl (LakotaMaya)  (3 of 30) 
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I haven't seen it anywhere but East coast because of it started here. But who knows, Jingle started out west, now everyone does it. If you'd like to see some Eastern Blanket competitions, I know they've done it at Schemtizun over the past couple of years. Perhaps its on one of their videos. What style of jingle do you dance?

From: JingleShawl (LakotaMaya)5/22/02 10:23 PM 
To: nikkimo911  (4 of 30) 
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Yeah, I do have some Schemitzun videos lying around here somewhere, I guess I could learn by watching the tape. Hopefully, I'll be able to go up to Schemitzun this year and maybe compete. I'm not sure though competition is fierce there. I do contemporary jingle, but I keep my feet closer to the ground than others.

From: nikkimo9115/24/02 12:01 AM 
To: JingleShawl (LakotaMaya)  (5 of 30) 
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I danced women's trad.cloth for awhile, but since my people are Eastern, I have a preference towards Eastern Blanket. Do you dance old style jingle as well? I actually like their style better, and their outfits aren't as flashy. I saw some of the dancers at Gathering this year and man do those girls go to town on their dresses! And I didn't see a lot of those new gold jingles, i'm not too crazy about them...

From: JingleShawl (LakotaMaya)5/26/02 3:37 AM 
To: nikkimo911  (6 of 30) 
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yes, I do dance the old style as well as contemporary. You went to the Gathering? I'd love to go there someday. They do put some work into making those dresses. I guess while in competition being really flashy and colorful helps get you noticed. I try to stick to 3 or 4 colors myself. I don't care for the gold jingles either, I like the silver ones. Some girls are using soup can lids but I don't think I'm ready for that yet.

From: nikkimo9115/28/02 7:13 PM 
To: JingleShawl (LakotaMaya)  (7 of 30) 
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I didn't get to go to Gathering this year, I saw the gallery on their website. I haven't gone to any pow-wow's yet this year. Being on the East coast, there aren't really too many good/legit pow-wow's to go to, so I just wait for the ones I like. I'll try to hit Mohegan this year, and Baltimore Indian center. I heard they were pretty good. How about you?

From: JingleShawl (LakotaMaya)5/30/02 6:00 PM 
To: nikkimo911  (8 of 30) 
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Well, being down here in the southeast, there really isn't any good ones going on down here during the summer months. I'm working on some new regalia now, and hopefully I'll have it done by Schemitzun or Shinnecock at least.

From: nikkimo9116/3/02 4:33 PM 
To: JingleShawl (LakotaMaya)  (9 of 30) 
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Really? Wow, I never had the patience to work on an outfit during the summer, i'm so busy with hitting the trail and other summer things. I need patience to improve my beadwork, and I can only do that in the winter when i'm inside a lot. What are your new colors? I've been working on a red/yellow/blue outfit to work around a shawl that was given to me. Real simple, something I can put on during the summer. For the colder months, I'd like to do a purple/white/yellow/ outfit. We'll see...i'll be at Schemitzun, and Shinnecock is my families pow-wow, I may see you there.

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From: JingleShawl (LakotaMaya)6/4/02 5:08 PM 
To: nikkimo911  (10 of 30) 
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Yeah, I will see you there.My colors are red/yellow/blue/white/black/orange. My fancy shawl has applique buffaloes in the above colors on a red and yellow background. A friend of mine is helping me do the beadwork (headband, choker, barrette, hairties, earrings, leggings and moccasins). I'm not gonna give up jingle, I'm just wanna have an outfit for every category. And I might compete up there in fancy, because those jingle sidestep songs are a killer on the calves! lol I can handle fancy shawl better than that. I wanna compete just to gain experience in dancing among champion dancers and it would be nice to place. lol any place will do, I'm not picky :P

From: nikkimo9116/6/02 3:32 PM 
To: JingleShawl (LakotaMaya)  (11 of 30) 
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Sounds good! I'm not going to be dancing this year, since my outfit is still pending. You'll get good practice at Shinnecock though, some of those girls are pretty good. I like to watch the women from Naragannsett do Eastern blanket, they're so good! I'll be up there soon...

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