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From: ctj5276/20/02 11:29 AM 
To: wanbli529  (6 of 24) 
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You are obviously the resident expert on internet swindlers...

So how about a link or two presenting the truth about which african
folk got here by choice and not chance?



Thanks in advance...


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From: wanbli5296/20/02 3:17 PM 
To: ctj527  (7 of 24) 
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There aren't many links about that. I can get links about black/Indian relations, but generally not about native Africans and Indians. The civilized tribes adopted slavery, mostly simply imitating Europeans, but it has become an excuse for whites to continue oppression.

There are some sites:

I've posted this link before. The Webmaster is black, Cherokee, and Filipino. He features articles by many activists. An excellent links page.

An NCAI transcript about the whole black/Indian relationship.

Black Native American Association. Some of the links are a little iffy, though, going to a point that most historians - Afrocentric or otherwise - won't go.

Center for World Indigenous Studies. Distributes information on ALL indigenous peoples.,_Nations_and_Bands/S/Seminole/

The Seminoles.

A lot of people here have Cherokee ancestry. These sites are of federally recognized Cherokee bands. There are numerous state bands, but a lot of them aren't recognized by the Cherokees themselves. (There's even a Cherokee group here in Cali. LOL)

Also, there's a circa 1970s National Geographic with a picture of an Apache fancydancer who, IMO, could pass for black.


From: ctj5276/20/02 4:34 PM 
To: wanbli529  (8 of 24) 
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Thanks for all of the info...

What I don't quite understand is the reasoning behind your
dislike of that aformentioned other site...

I have read the info and I find it inspiring rather than demeaning...

So please do elaborate...






From: wanbli5296/21/02 6:21 PM 
To: ctj527  (9 of 24) 
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One of the links was a little iffy. (The black Olmec one. The only evidence they give of the Olmecs being derivative of the Nubians is physical anthropology. We don't know what the Olmecs wore, how they lived, their festivals, their theology...All we know about them is those heads.)

From: ctj5276/22/02 2:13 PM 
To: wanbli529  (10 of 24) 
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I haven't read his stuff...

But are you saying that Ivan Van Sertima's stuff, i. e., THEY CAME
BEFORE COLUMBUS, is pure speculation?

I await your further reply...




From: wanbli5296/23/02 8:34 PM 
To: ctj527  (11 of 24) 
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Actually, the idea of Africans in the Western Hemisphere isn't pure speculation; there IS evidence. But the idea that Africans are responsible for a whole civilization in the Western Hemisphere, yet the descendants of said civilization are obviously not black...It's basically the old Eurocentric formula with a different race in the position the whites occupy in Eurocentric history books.

From: ctj5276/24/02 10:17 AM 
To: wanbli529  (12 of 24) 
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Thank you for your reply...

Yes, this whole notion of racial 'purity' is the self-serving
philosophy of some awfully paranoid human beings, no matter
who their forebears were...




From: JadeEyes6/24/02 3:26 PM 
To: All  (13 of 24) 
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People are people and have been travelling and mixing for eons LOL

I just love it when someone says they're pure anything other than
human. I sure know how the women in my family think: " Hey, you look different, come here!" :)


From: wanbli5296/26/02 4:55 PM 
To: ctj527  (14 of 24) 
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Well, ya gotta admit, everyone remembers the movies claiming the ancient Egyptians were white, and the number of racist books written on Egypt purportedly being built by Nordic Caucasians.

The Olmec case is pretty much the same case, with black people in the white man's old position and Indian people in the black man's old position, with the Olmecs being in the ancient Egyptians' old position. Perhaps it's worse; we've come to expect it from the white man, but we expect better from black people, for the reason above.


From: ctj5276/27/02 11:08 AM 
To: wanbli529  (15 of 24) 
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Thank you for your reply...

The only way to resolve this is to either view the information first
hand or from print sources...

Any further suggestions?

Thanks in advance...



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