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From: wanbli5298/10/02 9:44 PM 
To: Amirbenlevi  (20 of 49) 
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What can I say? Most pan-Indian things are Lakota. I recently heard of a Navajo sundance at Big Mountain. LOL Maybe we should have a "You must be this tall" sign posted at sundance grounds. LOL
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From: Amirbenlevi8/13/02 5:50 PM 
To: wanbli529  (21 of 49) 
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Oh yeah lolol Now that was funny.

From: wanbli5298/13/02 8:25 PM 
To: Amirbenlevi  (22 of 49) 
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Oh well, they make fun of Hopis too, ya know? (My girlfriend's Navajo, and we look really weird together. Me at 6'2" and her at barely 5'.)

Oh, hey, what's your nick from, just out of curiosity?


From: Amirbenlevi8/14/02 5:22 PM 
To: wanbli529  (23 of 49) 
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Just a name.Amir is my name though.

From: wanbli5298/14/02 8:01 PM 
To: Amirbenlevi  (24 of 49) 
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At the risk of stereotyping (LOL) I know somebody who's taking pre-law by the name of Levi; that's why I thought I'd ask.

From: Herringchoke8/16/02 10:56 PM 
To: Amirbenlevi  (25 of 49) 
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Hi everyone: I too am hoping to make Schemitzun (not to dance). I am not 100 per cent sure I can make it. But anyone of you guys out there who are going, I wish we all could have a common sign on so we can recoginize each other (not a rose pinned to our lapels though - LOL), but something similar that we each would identify. Anyone have any ideas?!!

From: Amirbenlevi8/18/02 1:26 AM 
To: Herringchoke  (26 of 49) 
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Yeah that sounds good but what would it be?? Plus its pretty big out there.Any ideas folks.

From: Herringchoke8/18/02 12:16 PM 
To: Amirbenlevi  (27 of 49) 
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I have been thinking, but have not come up with anything as yet. We do need ideas, everyone!!! I hate them, but what about name tags that just say BIINAA (hate names tags that is!) Too bad we don't have tee shirts........


Loretta Herringchoke


From: Amirbenlevi8/23/02 11:10 AM 
To: Herringchoke  (28 of 49) 
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Im staying at the Tall Cedar friday thru saturday.My name is Amir.I have braids 511.Wears a silver kokopeli Chain.Hope to catch you with anyone.

From: Herringchoke8/27/02 11:16 AM 
To: Amirbenlevi  (29 of 49) 
 548.29 in reply to 548.28 
I am so sorry to miss everyone who was here for Schemitzun. Hope all of you had a great time. I did not know until the last minute whether I was going to make it, but I did manage to be there Sunday for the day. I hope the rest of you were able to meet. If you did, I want to hear details! And even if you didn't, I want to hear about any competition you participated in, etc., etc.


Loretta Herringchoke


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