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From: blackgold519/26/02 3:35 AM 
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I tried to find a more credible site, but a lot of the sites were "advertising" jewelry. However, their was some mention (however brief) that at one time native american jewelry (such as turquoise) held some religious significance. Does anyone know if this still holds true with certain tribes or with native americans in general?

Indian Jewelry


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From: nikkimo9109/26/02 12:20 PM 
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Most Eastern tribes didn't deal with turquoise, our jewelry was made with stones and shells found from the shores and forests. Wampum, which is currently becoming a popular jewelry source, is made from whelk shells, and was used as money. (See the Iroquois Hiawatha belt for example) The darker/purple part of the whelk or quahog shell had the most value, so most adornments were fashioned with that part of the shell. As far as their religious significance, I haven't heard of any. If I come across something, i'll be sure to post it.

From: blackgold519/27/02 3:54 AM 
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Thanks. It has been noted that the use of jewelry/metals is shrouded in legends, myths and ancient rituals of mankind. However, I find it interesting that some physicians employ metal instruments, as in acupuncture, which is touted to have therapeutic value. It still makes me wonder whether or not certain metals actually contain healing properties and were, therefore, seen as being sacred.

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From: wanbli5299/27/02 12:20 PM 
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I checked out that site. They consider ANYONE who isn't their sect of Xianity a cult.

From: SmilingWater9/28/02 6:47 AM 
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From: blackgold5110/1/02 3:45 AM 
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Well...the only things I've ever heard about cults turned out to be really negative with a lot of people getting killed as with the (Jamestown massacre with Jim Jones - that sort of thing). They are some secret organization that nobody really finds out much about, until something tragic happens. I have often thought that these types of organizations weren't all that much about the Bible and religion; that perhaps such groups were organized for different purposes. Anyway, it all seemed fanatical, to me, at best.

Whatever a person's faith, I just feel it is important to have a belief in God (which does not include groups, like the one previously mentioned) - and to understand that there is someone greater than mankind, who is responsible for the existence of us all.

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