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From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/17/02 6:57 PM 
To: ctj527  (32 of 45) 
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Some hardheaded white folks are depriving themselves of knowning alot of good people just because those people aren't white. It's not only thier loss, but they cause other people alot of pain in being like that.


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From: AMAIGEYA111/18/02 8:59 AM 
To: ctj527  (33 of 45) 
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What type of mutual respect are you talking about? Where is the respect when you call someone who saved your life Tonto, or when that person is always forced to play second fiddle. Ever read Sherman Alexie's "I Hated Tonto and Still Do?" Hence the title of his "The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven." Doesn't give you the impression that they had a mutual respect for each other does it? And about early white writers loving Native culture where did you get that from? If you look at alot of the writings you will see that the Native folk played the villains and the crooks, they were the ones always trying to kill you through magic potions and heya heya spells, not the characters that brought good images of Native culture.

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From: AMAIGEYA111/18/02 9:03 AM 
To: blackgold51  (34 of 45) 
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Osiyo is not a term used by anyone of Native heritage. It is a word from the Aniyvwiya tribe and is a greeting. Many tribes don't even use the same sounds or letter combinations like the Navajo and Aniyvwiya, the languages don't have any similarities at all. However there are groups of languages that do have similar sounds, though the words won't be the same.

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From: ctj52711/18/02 10:53 AM 
To: AMAIGEYA1  (35 of 45) 
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I admit that I zigged when I should've zagged...

And I should've just said that some whites who do exibit respect
towards native people and native culture can't be faulted
along with others who don't...

I also admit that the aformentioned TV series reflected its day/
its time/and the sad record of how the white media portrays
native folk et al as well...

But I was talking about what I'm guessing was the original purpose
and intent of the creators of the show...

And one of the few which I did enjoy watching...

Most of the time...

So we people of indigenous descent (among others) just gotta
quit finding fault where it was never really intended or meant...

At least that's my opinion...

Take care...



From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/18/02 4:45 PM 
To: Mark S Madrid (madridm)  (36 of 45) 
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***Here in Florida part of the Seminole people speak hi'geetee or Micosukee and part of the people speak Creek or Muscogee. Some speak both.***

Thanks, Mark; I knew if I hung around, I'd start finding out that the connection between the Seminoles and the Creek/Muscogee was....not that I know very much...but it'll come in time...

Still haven't seen the guy with the jacket again on the bus....wasn't riding today....maybe Wednesday....



From: ctj52711/19/02 8:59 AM 
To: AMAIGEYA1  (37 of 45) 
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Cool off...

Slow down...

And stay awhile...

As I've said before: I was not raised as indigenous...

So I'm only recently beginning to reclaim my indigenous heritage...

Yes, I know of the person you speak of, but I don't know much about
him or his past work...

But, since this isn't a thread I started, why not start on of your
own, i. e., go into detail about what you consider the negative
and positive aspects of the presentation of indigenous life
and culture via the media?

As in more recent films and movies?

I'm not asking you to write a book online...

Just clear the air as to why you disagree with some of the
rest of us here...

I and others are merely speaking about our personal likes...

You write/speak of your dislikes...

But, what is needed and wanted on my part is less in the way
of reactions and overreactions, more in the way of an open
discussion and debate about this particular subject...

So please give my request some serious consideration...

Regardless: More food for thought...



From: AMAIGEYA111/20/02 11:14 AM 
To: ctj527  (38 of 45) 
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So I guess you saw nothing wrong with actors in black face as long as they intended no harm or nothing wrong with Amos and Andy either? Those shows were intended to make people, white people laugh at the antics of African Americans and the stereotypes of the day were in full costume. Just like with Tonto. Maybe you should stop ignoring the fault and take it for what it's worth. That show was meant for white people who wanted to see a cowboy and an indian in their sterotypical roles. You don't have to look beyond the stereotypes and the bad things about that show and say "oh they meant well" just because you liked watching it.



From: ctj52711/20/02 1:47 PM 
To: AMAIGEYA1  (39 of 45) 
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It seems and sounds that you are only interested in presenting
monologues and patting yourself on the back for already being

That's not what I'm about...

I also don't believe that each and every disagreement should be
put on the level of--say--the Arab/Israeli conflict--?

Sometimes we here are just airing 'our' personal opinions...

As you have a right to simply air yours and have others just
leave it at that...

Not only is you coming to the wrong conclusions--and you basing it
on the scant 'evidence' of one or two posts a very bad idea in
my case, but by you trying to 'prove' your argument by tearing
down me is a bit rude, let alone out of character as regards
the people who usually exibit mutual respect, whatever our differences
with each other, from time to time-?

And the irony of the siuation is that I am as angered and outraged
by the negative characterization of today's black youth (in particular)/black people in general--as you seem and sound to be
about indigenous life and culture--so there's just about nothing
that white controlled mass media puts out there about the rest of
the people of the darker hue I either listen to (cd's) or watch
(TV shows and movies) anymore-!


I'm still waiting for you, or others who disagree with me, to start another thread, i. e., about those positive images which counteract what you didn't or don't like about the usual presentation of indigenous folk in the mainstream media...

In other words: I refuse to engage in wasteful or pointless

So prove your case on your own...

Words to the wise...



From: Chief Eaglefeather (BLACKINDIANS) Posted by host11/22/02 10:07 PM 
To: blackgold51  (40 of 45) 
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I haven't been here a while. But it looks like things are still going well. I have been working on the site and bringing new things on the site. Please feel free to check out the site. http://blackindians.com


Please post your last words in your signature so that it doesn't crumple up with the rest of your type.


Thank you



Chief Jerry Eaglefeather



BIINAA Association


From: blackgold5111/23/02 10:43 AM 
To: Chief Eaglefeather (BLACKINDIANS) unread  (41 of 45) 
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Great hearing from you! Thanks. It was suggested that I change my signature so that my postings are more legible. I hope this works better. I've been getting a lot of email from new members at blackindians.com site. I am very tired when I come from work but am trying to remember to check out the chatroom and hope to very soon.


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