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From: Homalosa (homalosa1)10/10/99 9:58 PM 
To: Guest  (2 of 23) 
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Hi Shelby,
Just wanted to piggy back on your review of Sherman Alexie's Reservation Blues. I finished it yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Hopefully Sherman and Chris Eyre can get together and write a screen play for this one too. Any excuse to get Adam Beach on the screen is fine and dandy for me!
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From: Guest10/10/99 10:42 PM 
To: Homalosa (homalosa1)  (3 of 23) 
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Hello Homolosa,

I've been to your website and it is great! It is an excellent source of information and well done indeed.

To get back to the subject, Reservation Blues is being written for the screen. I am really excited for it. I am a huge Sherman Alexie fan. His work really gets me thinking on so many levels. He is a real inspiration to me as a writer. On, Native America Calling has an old show on which Sherman talks about Reservation Blues. I don't know if you've heard it before, but it is worth a listen. I really wish we could get Native America Calling out here in NY.

Please read all the Sherman Alexie you can get your hands on. It is well worth it.


PS-I'm hoping Adam Beach will get more screen time too! ;)LOL


From: IvySpring10/13/99 10:11 PM 
To: Guest  (4 of 23) 
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To you and Homalosa,
I too am hoping to see more of Adam Beach. Indian homeboy is so cute--so dang cute!

From: Omoya (omoya1)10/14/99 8:39 PM 
To: IvySpring  (5 of 23) 
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I'm partial to Michael Greyeyes (I HOPE it's Michael--I'm slipping in my "old age") myself--but I'm biased cause he looks like my "partner." Didn't look as good in Smoke Signals, but loved him in Dance Me Outside (but not in that made-for-TV trash thing about the guy who fell in love with the captured white woman--he looked tremendous, but that movie gave me hives...)

Have you been to to see that calendar? As much as I kinda hate to see this happen...well, I guess if they got it, may as well flaunt it! I won't buy it, but if one of my Hopi nieces happens to get one free (works for the Chairman and he gets everything) I'll sneak a real peek!


From: IvySpring10/14/99 8:50 PM 
To: Omoya (omoya1)  (6 of 23) 
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Ditto girlfriend, you've got good taste! Yep,I think Micheal is one of those drop-dead gorgeous native men. But,I doubt
seriously if he's all that in a real relationship--I think he's married to a non-native woman.(?) Not really sure though.

From: Omoya (omoya1)10/14/99 9:23 PM 
To: IvySpring  (7 of 23) 
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I think you might be right, but...I have to check back. I know he was working with this dance troupe up in Canada that was all Native, supposedly, but...we've been talkin' about this. I would NOT be surprised. Sigh...My other fave was the long haired lead in Dances With Wolves (and Son of the Morning Star in which he was slightly better) whose name, for some reason, has completely gone out of my head...I think it's because my Lakota "in laws" HATE that movie so much. His part in particular. He got teased so much, he went home and got FAT! Bless his heart, last time I saw him, I didn't even recognize him! Blew me away!

From: Guest10/14/99 9:27 PM 
To: Omoya (omoya1)  (8 of 23) 
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For lack of any elegance of phrase:


I saw the commercials too and got the CREEPS! LOL:)!!!

I just couldn't even go there. Though I have to make my own shameful movie confession-LAST OF THE MOHICANS! I'm sorry Eric Schweig stole the movie. I couldn't even tell you the plot girl just Uncas! LOLOLOL! ;) You just gave me a good laugh!


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From: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr)10/14/99 10:57 PM 
To: Omoya (omoya1)  (9 of 23) 
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By any Chance would you be talking about "WindInhisHair"?
Actor Rodney Grant?

Was John Dunbar's best Friend?

tomoney to tonka oh wache! he was yelling off the mountain?

Just a thought ; )

Chief Eaglefeather


From: Guest10/15/99 3:44 AM 
To: Omoya (omoya1)  (10 of 23) 
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I think the guy with the long hair in Dances with Wolves was named something like:

Wind in my Hair.

The other actor, whom we have seen much of, is named Mr. Greene.


From: Guest10/15/99 3:48 AM 
To: Guest  (11 of 23) 
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Dear Shelby:

You may not know this, I didn't until I was "informed" but "Hee Bee Jeebees"

is a racial slur against those of jewish descent.

My ex-boyfriends uncle (all jewish) told me is stands for " He Brew Jew Boys".
Possibly a kinder expression would be "the willies."

Just thought you might like an update.


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