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From: Sheridan Murphy (AIMFL)5/15/03 7:32 PM 
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136 4th Street North Suite 308
Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
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Below please find the press release of our immediate actions to challenge this Klansman in a Klan filled county.

Roger Michels, a Chamber of Commerce board member and President of the CHasco Fiesta on May 12, 2003 implored his fellow board members, "I want you all to buy guns cause we are gonna kill AIM members." He added it was because he wanted to "bury them" He later told the Saint Petersburg Times and Tampa Tribune it was a "light hearted joke" His remarks were met with applause from most of the crowd-giving you a sense of the kind of place Pasco County is.

We are calling on our friends and supporters to join us at Noon in front of this Klansman's funeral home. If you need directions or a ride contact the state office.

If you are in another state, or out of the country-please, please email the county commissioners of this place at and advise them you are boycotting this county and will be calling on others to boycott this county due to such ridiculous racist and threatening remarks.

If you can please donate to Florida AIM as well, we will need funds for the upcoming trial of the Chasco 4-arrested at the protests this year, a planned billboard and advertisments in papers in Indian country and nationwide calling on friends and supporters worldwide to boycott this backwater racist place.


Contact: Sheridan Murphy or Ruby Beaulieu At or David Narcomey at

For Immediate Release

New Port Richey, FL -The American Indian Movement of Florida (Florida AIM) will demonstrate at the Michels Funeral Home 5228 Trouble Creek Road New Port Richey, FL beginning at noon and will continue to organize regular protests of this Klansman,
Florida AIM has also filed a request for action by the Florida Attorney General against Michels, the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce and the Chasco Fiesta. Under Florida law any official who interferes with or attempts to interfere with the exercise or enjoyment by any other person of their rights under the state or federal constitution is liable for action by the Attorney General. Mr. Michaels in his capacity as a board member of the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce and the Chasco Fiesta meets such the definition of a public official. Florida AIM is also considering legal action against Michels, the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce and Chasco Fiesta.

On May 12, 2003 at an official luncheon of the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce Roger Michels urged Chamber members to kill AIM members by saying "I want all of you to go out and buy guns, because we are going to kill AIM members". He added, "I want to bury them". Such statements bring back memories of racists in Alabama "joking" about killing African-American civil rights organizers, or more recently former South Dakota governor William Janklow urging folks to "put a gun to the head of AIM leaders and pull the trigger"

Florida AIM remembers the threats directed at Florida AIM by the Orion Knights of the KKK prior to the Chasco Fiesta protests this year, and realizes that the Klan did materialize on the floats of Chasco when Michels and his associates arrived. This shows direct evidence of the abject racism of the Chasco organizers and we will not be swayed by his vile threats. However we will be on alert and prepared to defend ourselves when we enter Pasco County, due to the hick backwater racists that appear to be running the Chamber of Commerce in a disservice to the good people of Pasco County.

Florida AIM calls for a tourism boycott of Pasco County, until the good citizens of Pasco county are able to rid themselves of the vile racists such as Michels who are misrepresenting them to the public as a county of violent hate mongering racists.

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