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From: Sheridan Murphy (AIMFL)6/10/03 7:16 PM 
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Roger Michels on May 12th stood in front of the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce annual luncheon and said, "I want all of you to go and buy guns because we are going to kill AIM(members) He then smirked as the applause rang out and said, "So I can bury them for free" to more applause.

SInce that time AIM has organized small protests in front of Michels Funeral Home on aptly named Trouble Creek Road. Now Mr. Michels after three such protests has sent letters to concerned Pasco county citizen Dan Callaghan and Pasco AIM Director Ruby Beaulieu threatening them with law suits against their persons if they do not stop protesting this man who called for the murder of Indigenous rights activists, and then didn't understand why such a "joke" could be "offensive" to anyone.

Are we going to sit idely by an tolerate this? I say NO LETS SHUT EM DOWN!!!

Remember the AIM members killed in the last decade, many after then South Dakota Attorney General extolled, jokingly of course, that the solution to the Indian problem was to put a gun to AIM organizers heads and pull the trigger. Are we gonna lets this man make a joke about this? I say NO LETS SHUT EM DOWN!!!

Are we going to stand up? Or are we gonna let this go by the wayside as some of us collectively have done so many times before? Do we have the collective courage of our beliefs to stand up and shut this pig down? I say YES, LETS STAND UP NOW!

Are we going to tolerate his attempts to intimidate a supporter and Ruby, a grandmother? I say no.I say no. LETS SHUT EM DOWN!! I will not allow this thug to intimidate us and I will stand with them. Sue me please I will tell Mr. Michels, and if he would like to try and incite my funeral please make such an attempt I shall implore him.

I say no, its time to get up. Time to stand up. Time to challenge this racist pig, and drive a stake into the heart of the racism of the Chasco Fiesta he organizes.

The time is now. The question is who stands with us?

So I say some of us are going to protest those people who think extolling murder is funny when they give awards, perhaps for the funniest murder, at their annual West Pasco Chamber of Commerce Banquet

FRIDAY JUNE 14, 2003 at 6;00 PM at Spartan Manor 6121 Massachusetts Ave.New Port Richey

And then on Saturday June 15 at 1pm we will protest in front of Michels business at 5130 Trouble Creek Road in New Port Richey

And we will protest again in front of his business next Saturday June 21 again and then we will decide if we will continue protesting in front of his business again or not.

Anyone needing directions or a ride please contact the AIM State Office at

If you are in another state, or out of the country or in Florida but you simply can't get up or have a conflict-please, please email the county commissioners of this place at and advise them you are boycotting this county and will be calling on others to boycott this county due to such ridiculous racist and threatening remarks and their efforts to intimidate those with a voice.

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