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Dominica Caribs Exoticized as Cannibals: More News and Other Links

Following from the previous posting on Disney Corp.'s plans for casting the Caribs of Dominica as cannibals in its sequels to "Pirates of the Caribbean", readers may be interested in seeing how this news story has spread across the Internet, as well as examining what other sites are posting in criticism of the cannibalistic festish exhibited by Disney and others.

Johnny Depp will star in the sequel of Pirates of the Caribbean. Plans to portray Dominica's Carib Indians as cannibals in the sequel to hit film Pirates of the Caribbean have been criticised by the group's chief.

Carib Chief Charles Williams said talks with Disney's producers revealed there was "a strong element of cannibalism in the script which cannot be removed".

 And yet there has never been found any archaeological evidence as would indicate widespread and systematic cannibalism (such as scorched human bones, bones with knife or saw cuts or which are unnaturally fractured).

As the debate rages over Hollywood's depiction of the Caribs as cannibals in the forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, what exactly is the basis for the almost universal idea that the Caribs were in fact cannibals?

None really. In fact, evidence suggest the notion of the fierce savages who ate European flesh (and favoured French cooking) was more used as the perfect excuse to justify their own slave-taking of islanders and colonial thrust through the region.

Rich Vázquez 

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Outside these walls, the cries of those powerless souls
who are injured, disenfranchised, or otherwise aggrieved,
may, indeed be faint.
But those same pleas for help echo powerfully within the Department of Justice.
- Al Gonzales -

Are they louder inside the DOJ because of the torture?

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Is there anyone that can be contacted about this?

From: Drapetomaniac (cacimar) DelphiPlus Member Icon2/23/05 12:37 PM 
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The gentleman at: seems to be in the loop.

From: Critical Region Consulting (YBFREE) DelphiPlus Member Icon2/23/05 6:21 PM 
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thank you!

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