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This is a subject that has been debated for many years, and I thought it would be great to start a discussion about it here.

Honor our Old Ones


To the Editor:

I am a woman of Native American descent. I am totally appalled by how
all of the cities, counties, state and federal governing parties can
and do allow our Native American burial grounds and sacred sites to
be totally and forever destroyed by anyone that obtains lands and
discovers burial grounds and sacred sites.

The governing parties don't have any remorse for letting the land
owners and businesses go into these lands and utterly and completely
destroy our Old Ones as well as their resting places.

When a grave is found, the Old One is dug up, taken and scraped and
picked over. Pieces taken of the Old One are then tagged and bagged
into trash bags like they were pieces of garbage until they are to
put into mass graves.

They can be left like this for weeks, months and even years. We
ask, "Are our burial grounds that are being destroyed being
monitored?" We get the answer "yes," but even we know they are not.

We ask, "What happens to all the grave goods that are found? Are
those things being placed back with the Old One that it came from?"
Well, no it is not.

When all the Old Ones are in mass graves, how can those grave goods
go back to the ones that they belong to? It is also known that grave
goods and sometimes even the Old Ones' remains are sold on the black
market so that others can make money on things and human remains of
Native American descent that don't nor has never belonged to them.

I say it is an atrocity for anyone with Native American blood in
their veins to turn their backs on the Old Ones when they need us all
the most and allow them to be dishonored and disgraced.

The Old Ones belong to us all. They were our leaders, our teachers,
our mothers, our fathers, our brothers and sisters of old. They
cannot protect themselves so we must do it for them.

So I ask each man or woman that reads this, please stop and think how
you would feel if this was happening to your children or your parents
or your grandparents.

I pray that some day all of the Native American race and all the
people that have respect and honor for any Old One anywhere will
unite and stop our Old Ones' resting places and sacred sites from
being disgraced, dishonored and destroyed.

Nancy RedBlanket Armstrong



The Old Ones speak to us, and archaeologists can tell us what they have to say. Archaeologists can their stories and histories. 

So very much of Native history has been destroyed by greedy grave robbers, and the Government. Much of the destruction was deliberate.  All through history conquering nations destroyed the history of their conquered victims, and this happened to the natives Turtle Island (No.& So. American Continents), so much  has been lost.  For instance: Where our ancestors originated from, the foods they ate, their migratory paths, arts and crafts, and ect.

One must realize in order to know thyself one must know their ancestors, and this is very difficult because of the wide spead destruction of native history.  It is very sad...but all all is not lost..Archaeologists can read the artifacts left behind by the Old Ones and tell the ancient story of their lives. Archaeologists can discover the natural foods of the Old Ones, and possibly recover seeds that can be germinated and come to life again after hundreds of years. Many Natives are suffering from all sorts of illnesses due to eating foreign, non-native, foods..many illnesses can be prevented by eating natives foods..the Old Ones can teach us how to heal ourselves.  Archaeologists can read the teeth and bones of the Old Ones and determine where they were born, and the places they lived throughout their lives, this is a fasinating technology, which can read the story of ov the Old Ones.That which seemed to be lost can be rediscovered again with the help of respectful professional archaeology.

I believe the Old Ones would want us to know them and their story, so their teaching will live on for the benefit of the children to come.  Personally, if I thought my bones could help the children learn about their families and history I would love to have them used for this purpose, and I think others feel the same way.  What about you? What are your feelings and thoughts about this?

May the Hand of the Mother Always be with You.

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Goddess Weave

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