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Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC)
Update from the Field
October 27, 2005

In This Issue:

* Update from the Field
* Bison Hunt Looms - Contact Governor Schweitzer
* COLORADO: Benefit Dinner to Honor Last Wild Buffalo
* East Coast Road Show
* Tasty Reminder: Organic Rewards for the Month's Most Generous Donation
* Last Words

* Update from the Field

This week the real eco-terrorists were in town again, donning their guns
and badges, flexing their authoritative muscle on all that is wild and
free. The Montana Department of Livestock (DOL), Montana Fish, Wildlife &
Parks (FWP), and the National Park Service (NPS) came out to chase wild
buffalo off of the buffalo's native landscape, back into Yellowstone
National Park. The DOL is still in town, with possible plans to waste
more of our tax dollars in the morning by bullying wildlife and
disrupting the ecosystem.

This continuous onslaught will be compounded with Montana's planned bison
hunt, set to begin in less than three weeks.

To be with the buffalo as they are under attack, BFC will maintain two
separate camps during the hunt - November 15 through February 15 - one in
West Yellowstone and one in Gardiner. In order to run two camps, we need
good, reliable equipment so we can share with the world what a buffalo
"hunt" really looks like, and how Montana "welcomes" the last wild
buffalo as they enter the state.

Please help us be the eyes and ears of the world during this hunt! For
our presence in Gardiner we need a one-chip digital video camera, mini-DV
tapes, and digital still cameras. You can also help by sending us a
monetary donation (however great or small), joining us on the front lines
and standing in defense of the buffalo, and contacting local and national
media outlets to bring attention to Montana's big mistake called the
bison hunt.

* Bison Hunt Looms - Contact Governor Schweitzer

Less than three weeks from now, gunners will be at Yellowstone National
Park's north and west boundary lines, waiting to shoot down buffalo that
dare cross into Montana.

Governor Brian Schweitzer, who campaigned for office making statements
like "wild buffalo will enjoy more tolerance in Montana" and "the MDOL
is ill-equipped to manage wild buffalo" has not only ok'd the hunt, but
he put in for a permit himself. Schwitzer's words are empty ones.
Montana affords wild buffalo zero tolerance. They are not welcome in the
state, they are not considered wildlife by the state, and they are
aggressively mis-managed by the state's Department of Livestock when they
migrate, crossing the man-made line into Montana.

The "hunt" will be a fatal insult to the country's last wild buffalo, one
added to the already serious injury of the current management scheme of
hazing, capture, and slaughter.

CONTACT GOVERNOR SCHWEITZER TODAY and tell him to cancel this hunt before
it begins. Tell him that the country's last wild buffalo deserve to be
honored as a wildlife species in Montana. Tell him that livestock agents
should inspect livestock and leave wildlife alone. Tell him that this
hunt will be shown to the world, and Montana will suffer another huge
public relations nightmare should it go forward. Tell him that Montana's
tourism industry depends heavily on dollars from the so-called
"outsiders" who want these buffalo protected, and that those much-needed
dollars will not come from you while this buffalo harassment and
slaughter continues.

Tell him the whole world is watching.

Help stop the bison hunt. Call Governor Schweitzer today and urge your
friends to do so, too:

Phone: 406-444-3111
Fax: 406-444-5529
Mail: State Capitol, P.O. Box 200801, Helena, MT 59620-0801

* COLORADO: Benefit Dinner to Honor Last Wild Buffalo

A benefit dinner hosted by the Gold Lake family will help to empower the
BFC to be on the frontlines defending the buffalo and their habitat, and
document every move made against them.

Gold Lake Mountain Resort and Spa, located in beautiful Ward, Colorado,
invites you to join them on Wednesday, November 2, 2005 at 6 pm for an
evening of exquisite locally grown and organic foods prepared by their
talented chefs. Buffalo Field Campaign video footage - 'Where the
Buffalo Roam' - will be shown, and guests will enjoy live poetry and
music. A silent auction featuring local artists, therapists, and
businesses will complete this special event.

Buffalo Field Campaign encourages you to attend. You can make
reservations by calling Gold Lake Mountain Resort & Spa, 303-459-3544.
For details please visit

A huge THANK YOU to the Sanchez Family, Gold Lake Mountain Resort, and
everyone who attends this important and special event for the buffalo!

May the Hand of the Mother Always be with You.

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Goddess Weave

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