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FYI -- Direct links to the legislative language and to Congressman
Rahall's press release regarding the bill below - sorry for any cross
(see Subtitle B).

For more information contact:  WSDP 775-468-0230 or Hager & Hearne at

Press Release for Immediate Release

Land Giveaway Bill Confirms Western Shoshone Predictions

Nov. 4, 2005.  Crescent Valley, NV  (Newe Sogobia).  Confirming Western
Shoshone predictions about massive federal land giveaways, the House
Resources Budget Package was amended last week[1] to include what
Congressman Rahall has dubbed a "blazing fire sale of federal lands to
domestic and international corporate interests".[2]  Subtitle B of the
bill lifts the moratorium on privatization or patenting of lands by
mining companies and opens up virtually all federal or "public" lands
a small fraction of its true value.  The measure could come to the
floor for a vote as early as next week.

This "liquidation sale" would include the vast majority of lands home
the Western Shoshone Nation - lands formally recognized by the U.S. as
owned and occupied by Western Shoshone under the 1863 Treaty of Ruby
Valley and now the subject of ongoing federal lawsuits and
proceedings.  The land area is called Newe Sogobia in Shoshone and
across the states of Nevada, Utah, Idaho and into Death Valley,
California covering approximately 60 million acres of land, 80-90% of
which is claimed as federal or public lands by the United States.  The
area is the 2nd largest gold producing area in the world and the U.S.
Geological Service touts it as North America's number one investment
opportunity for the extractive industry.  It contains Yucca Mountain,
where the U.S. has been pushing to open a permanent nuclear waste
repository.  And importantly, it is also home to one of the most
and well-established Indian land struggles in U.S. history - that of
Western Shoshone.  Congressman Richard W. Pombo (R-WA), Chairman of the
House Committee on Resources, defends his legislative measure by
claiming that the sale of public lands will raise money to pay federal
debts and will encourage "sustainable economic development".  The
Western Shoshone do not agree and instead stand committed in their
resolve to uphold their land title and protect their lands and waters
from irresponsible corporate exploitation. 

Just last year, in the face of Congressional promises of resolving the
long standing land issues in "good faith" by compelling the Shoshone
people to sell their land for 15 cents an acre, the Western Shoshone
National Council and seven of the nine tribal councils opposed
Congressional efforts and predicted that the real beneficiaries of the
"Indian money" would be multinational mining and energy companies
standing to gain billions of dollars by privatization of "public" lands
and expanded resource exploitation.  The handwriting was on the wall
even then - while Congress tried to push the one-time payment on the
Shoshone people, the Executive Branch, through the Department of
Interior was destroying the economic livelihood of Western Shoshone by
conducting military-style seizures of Western Shoshone cattle and
horses.  The land base was recently announced as the 2nd largest gold
producing area in the world. Some $30 billion dollars in gold has been
extracted from the region to date. In one instance, only months after
removal of horses belonging to Western Shoshone grandmothers Mary and
Carrie Dann, Placer Dome, the world's 5th largest gold company,
announced a doubling of its gold estimate from the same lands where the
horses were seized.  Other large gold corporations operating in the
include Barrick, Newmont, and Kennecott.  The gold is microscopic and
the mining is open pit, cyanide heap leach mining employing dewatering
of up to 70,000 gallons of water per minute for one mine alone.    The
Shoshones' predictions, which some dubbed "conspiracy theories" and
others saw as "synchronized thievery" have now come to fruition with
latest Congressional maneuver to make any and all alleged "public"
part of a liquidation sale to bail the United States out of debt.

"Western Shoshone title is still intact.  We have been fighting this
years and will continue to fight.  The U.S. thought when they made some
notations in their bookkeeping that the Shoshone would be "paid" and
cloud to land title would be lifted.  Well, they were wrong and we're
still here.  We've never accepted their money and never will - our
the earth mother is not for sale and we will protect her and continue
our responsibilities as caretakers under the Creator's law."  Stated
Raymond Yowell, Chief of the Western Shoshone National Council.

Bob Hager, Attorney for the Western Shoshone added:  "What we have here
is an attempt by the United States to swindle the indigenous people,
public and investors.  Western Shoshone land title is in litigation in
the federal courts and the subject of a United Nations human rights
inquiry.  The U.S.' behavior on this issue has already been found to
violate basic human rights to property, due process and equality under
the law.  This latest maneuver only compounds those violations and
in the complicity of the corporations.  You can't sell what is not
in the first place and the companies lining up for the dole should keep
that in mind."

ntbudgetrec.pdf (see Subtitle B).

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Sent: Friday, November 04, 2005 6:45 AM
To: Wahleah Johns; Twa-le Abrahamson; Theodore Roundface; Sarah Keeney;
Paul Robinson; Norman Benally; Anne Marie Sam; Annie M. Smith; Bernice
Lalo; Bill Ahrens; Bob Shimek; Bobby Andrew; Bonnie Gestring; Carrie
Dann; David Chambers; Earl Hatley; Joan Kuyek; Julie Fishel; Kimberly
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Helen Archie; Gerald Brown; Florence Catholique; Enai Begay; Christine
Smith; Charlotte Bakkuta; Becky Begay; Andrea Carmen; Allan Adam
Subject: Important Conf. call Pombo amendment

Many of you are aware by now that there is an amendment to the Budget
Reconciliation Bill which will result in a massive land grab by mining
companies of so-called federal lands (much of it is stolen Indian
There are a couple problems with this. One, there is very little
voice in this legislation, Two, some Tribes, including Western Shoshone
going to be hugely impacted. While IEN signed unto the letter opposing
land give away, other groups, individuals, and Tribes were not
about it. This needs to be rectified immediately. The National budget
be voted on soon. I am proposing to have a conference call tomorrow,
Nov. 4 at 3 central time, 2 mountain time, 1 Pacific, and noon Alaska
or the same time on Monday Nov. 7th. Because the budget will be voted
soon, the sooner we do this, the better. This matter is urgent and will
consequences for Tribes for years to come. Sorry for the short notice,
let me know what will work best for you (Friday or Monday) and I will
out the call info.
Bob Shimek

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