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From: ctj52710/30/07 11:44 AM 
To: ROSETTA321  (6 of 21) 
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First of all?

I weigh the pros and cons of whatever somebody takes the time et al to send to me...

Second of all?

But in all due candor and honesty:

Anybody who denies their was an African Holocost is as heavily into denial as those who deny their was an indigenous one...

Or a Jewish one...


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From: ctj201011/1/07 9:23 AM 
To: ROSETTA321  (7 of 21) 
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Perhaps this should be a wake up call for those who operate on the basis of illusions and come to wrohgheaded conclusions via that 'one size fits all'  notion of 'blackness'  they belabor under via the black majority in the states?

Simply put:

You're preaching to the wrong congregation...

Can I get an 'amen'  anybody!






From: ROSETTA32111/7/07 5:28 PM 
To: ctj527  (8 of 21) 
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o  ctj527 quote:  But in all due candor and honesty:  Anybody who denies their was an African Holocost is as heavily into denial as those who deny their was an indigenous one...  Or a Jewish one...

I'm not sure what you mean by "African Holocost" ...

Records show that the european Negroes where shipped to the Caribbean Islands, allegedly the majority brought by the English (now called British) ... over a million of them.  I also learned that only indigenous or NATIVE peoples were enslaved under the europeans (Negroes and their footsoldiers (seed of the serpent/nachash (Hebrew) cosmetically made over and disguised as 'white people'), while black Negroes who have now falsely assumed the identity of "Africans" were employed as indentured servants ... Indentured servants who were brought to pre-colonial America mostly by the Dutch from the Caribbean Island (Barbados, Bahamas, Jamaica).  There are plenty of accounts stating that the indigneous or Native Americans were kidnapped and enslaved as well as slaughtered by the invading europeans.   Under the USA Constitution, indentured servants are counted as "free persons" ... while enslaved indigenous Native Americans are counted as "all other persons."  Those indigneous Native Americans not enslaved are referred to as "Indians" by the USA Constitution.  I have not yet found any material supporting the common europeans propaganda that indigneous native Africans were enslaved by the 100 of millions and shipped to the Americas as slaves.  To the contrary, only the invading Negro from europe has made these claims.  The real indigneous native Africans who do not look anything like the european Negro have never made such claims, but have been misclassified by the europeans as "caucasians" or "Asians" or of unknown origins from Asia.  Even the claim that the Arabs as alleged slave traders depleted the continent of Africa of the european Negroes cannot be corroberated.  It is written that the Turks (who are cousisn of the european Negroes, both being an indigneous northern people descended from Yapet, the 3rd born son of Nocha/Noah) allegedly purchased Negro slaves and utilized eunuchs (Negro and whites (seed of the serpent) to administer their Ottomon Islamic empire (as the Turks alleged converted to Islam when they invaded the Middle East).   Even the Schomberg Institute in NYC has now come out and said that to their estimate only about 6 million Negores aka "Africans" were enslaved throughout the entire alleged transAtlantic and Arab slave trade ... much downsized from the alleged 100 million Negroes shipped from African, where alleged 50 million died in the so-called "middle passage" to the Americas.  But again, there are no records to corroberate this false estimate either. The director of the Schomberg Institue claims a Negro ancestor who was an indentured servant, who was given indigenous Native American land in NYC as payment when released from his contract of labor to help the europeans fight the Native Americans.  The Negro descendants of these Negro indentured servants falsely claim that their ancestors were slaves, which would make them the same as indigneous Native Americans of Shemite (descended from 1st born son of Nocha/Noah) and Kushyte (descended from 2nd born son Nocha/Noah) of  ancestry and have claim to self-rule in the USA.  Since we know this is a LIE as the USA Constitution states that indentured servants are counted as "Free Person" ... we should realize that this is just more stealth warfare propaganda against the real indigneous Native Americans to stop us from regaining our ancestral homelands and freely governing our own people as called for under the 1960 UN General Assembly "Declaration on Granting Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples."

As for the european Jewish Holocost ... I only can relate to what I 've seen in documentaries which repeatedly show fakes Jews as being the ones in the camps of Hitler that were killed ... As the real Jews (descended from Israel) are not "white people" because our Lord never created any "white people" or hermaphrodite (cosmetic surgery to change males into females gone wrong).  All people created in the image of our Lord have color in our skins ... from light to dark.  It is the children of Qayin/Cain who killed his brother Habel/Abel who are black in color, ebony, smoky-colored as this is the color the face of Qayin turned when our Lord rejected his offer of left-over grain (Genesis 4.5-16).  "White" skin (no color in the skin) is considered a diseased condition called vitiligo, which is a genetic disease inherited from Qayin by all his seed (children of the north), which the Holy Scriptures described as "leper" or 'white as snow.' {Not all Qayin children are ebony-colored like the Negro, some a light-skinned like the Huns <falsely shown on American TV and the world press as the Shemitic Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Tibetian, Mongolians, Koreans, etc.>, Canadian Native Americans, Eskimos and the indigenous peoples of Siberia).


From: ROSETTA32111/7/07 6:27 PM 
To: ctj2010  (9 of 21) 
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o    ctj2010 quote:  "... wrohgheaded conclusions via that 'one size fits all'  notion of 'blackness'  they belabor under via the black majority in the states?"

I don't know what you mean here.

Are you refering to those european Negroes whose been selling the propaganda that all people are allegedly descended from the Negro who invaded Africa via an unknow animal/beast in east Africa?  It is this false doctrine -- Theory of Evolution -- that the european is using to deny the existance of our Maker and Lord to justify his continued evil alliance with satan <called Lilith (Heb) and Medusa (Gk)> to unlawfully invade and steal and occupy the ancestral homelands of all people who are not descended from their father Qayin/Cain.  [BTW did you know that the so-called great apes (gorilla, orangutans, gibbons, etc) are the same demons the Holy Scriptures refer to?  These great apes are hybrids or mulattoes and are barren/sterile, as are all mulattoes.  According to the book of Enoch (Chanok) our Lord allowed demons to come into being so that the angels who broke His divine law not to leave the heavens and live on the earth could have children, in acting like man when taking a wife.]

But I suppose that if all these people in the USA would stop bleaching their skins, stop permanently removing the color from their skin and getting plastic surgery to hide their Negro features and the seed of the serpent would stop taking whatever it is they give them to make them look 'evenly white' in complexion, there would be a 'black majority in the states' ... rather than this false 'white majority' of over 200 million.



From: Maezeppa1 DelphiPlus Member Icon11/7/07 7:28 PM 
To: ROSETTA321  (10 of 21) 
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All people across the earth descended from one specific sub-saharan tribe of Africans.  Their DNA shows they, whether they are Eurpean, Asian, Indan, etc. are closer to this tribe than even other Africans are.





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From: ctj201011/7/07 7:32 PM 
To: Maezeppa1 DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (11 of 21) 
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Good evening,  new poster...

And on point reply!

But,  there are a couple of other black indian frequented forums,  though due to the lateness of the evening,  etc.,   I'll have to get back to you about that too...

So stay tuned...







From: ctj201011/7/07 7:36 PM 
To: ROSETTA321  (12 of 21) 
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I'm simply not into using religious text to base my belief in who anybody is descended from...

I. e.,   it implies and suggests I must be of the same religious faith,   and my beliefs et al are starting to be spiritually based,  that is--indigenous ones...

One's religion and one's spiritual beliefs are personal and private things:

Other things we must use to unite us behind a common intent and purpose...







From: ctj201011/7/07 7:39 PM 
To: ROSETTA321  (13 of 21) 
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You don't reach or teach:

You just preach!

That undermines whatever merits there well may be to your comments etc.

And isn't that also why some ban you from their forums?

Nor do I really understand why you continue to post on what is a dormant one...

So you tell me!





From: ROSETTA32111/12/07 9:12 PM 
To: Maezeppa1 DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (14 of 21) 
 707.14 in reply to 707.10 

o  Kelly(Maezeppa1) quote:  All people across the earth descended from one specific sub-saharan tribe of Africans. 

LOL ... I see that you too have been wasting your time reading european Negro fairytales in the Sci-Fi section of reading materials.  You should stay with the truth of Lord, the God of ancestors who created heaven and earth and all life therein ... then created man (Ha'adam/Adam, our 1st father) in His image -- (male and female).  (Genesis 1) The only "sub-saharan tribe of Africans" that existed in Africa, land of Racham/Cham/Ham, before the europeans with their foot soldiers/seed of the serpents/nachash invaded disguised as so-called 'white people' were the Khoi Khoi or Hottentots.   The Khoi Khoi are descendants or sons of Racham, mistranlated as Ham in the european bible.  Racham was the 2nd-born son of Nocha/Noach and he and his sons were appointed to live in the southern parts of the earth, including the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula (Spain/Portugal) as far north as ancient Gadir (modern Cadiz, Spain), until the day of final judgment of the world. (book of Jubilees chapter 8). 


o  Kelly(Maezeppa1) quote:  Their DNA shows they, whether they are Eurpean, Asian, Indan, etc. are closer to this tribe than even other Africans are.

The only thing european DNA Sci-Fi shows is the political propaganda they want it to show ... LOL!  The Khoi Khois DNA no more matches the DNA of Negroes of europe, or the Negroes of northern Asia or their cousins the Huns and Turks or the North American Canadian Native Americans or Eskimos or the native Siberians than thy match up with the native (indigenous) Shemitic and Kushyte peoples of Arabia, India, China, Japan, etc., Hawaiians, Native Americans of the USA, Mexico and Central America and the Caribbean Islands.  BTW, cosmetically making over the male seed of the serpent to resemble mankind (male and female) of the native peoples living in "Eurpean, Asian, Indan, etc..," then claiming that the DNA of these cosmetically made over "beast of the fields" (Genesis 3.1) match real people living in "Eurpean, Asian, Indan, etc.." is nothing but the usually tricks played by those european foreigners in power to make fools out the children of Seth the righteous in their constant campaign from thousands of years ago to invade and take over our ancestral homelands throughout the world.   A seed of the serpent is a seed of the serpent no matter how he is cosmetically made over to look ... and the seed of the serpent DNA does not and has never matched the DNA of man, the children or seed of Ha'adam/Adam, our 1st father whom our Lord created in His own image.  The seed of the serpent have extra chromosomes which is why the males can only produce sterile/barren mulattoes when they mate with real women, the dauthers of Ha'adam/Adam, our 1st father.  If you can't follow what I'm saying to you ... just let me know and I will break down so more for your understanding.



From: ROSETTA32111/12/07 9:50 PM 
To: ctj2010  (15 of 21) 
 707.15 in reply to 707.12 

ctj2010 quotes:  "I'm simply not into using religious text to base my belief in who anybody is descended from..."

You need to score 1 point for the european Negroes based on your statement above.  After all,  the invading europeans and their apostate Shemitic allies have spent a lot of their resources convincing the entire world, especially the children of Seth the righteous (via HaShem/Shem and Racham/Cham/Ham, the 1st and 2nd born sons of Nocha/Noah) that the Holy Scriptures (religious text) are false and should be discarded ... that there is no Creator, Maker or  Lord (YHVH/Yahvah - Hebrew name; Weshemoneto - Shawnee name; Allah - Muslim name; Rachum/Ra - ancient Egyptian name; Amen-Ra - ancient Hebrew-Egyptian (Hyksos) name; etc..)

Because once we throw out the Holy Scriptures, which is the only acurate account of the history of the creation of the heavens, the earth and all life, including mankind, we leave ourselves wide open for any kind of pagan, made up science-fiction aka Sci-Fi (like the theory of evolution by Darwin (seed of the serpent)) ... which is nothing but political propaganda to justify the evil, unlawful invasion of the ancestral homelands of the children of Seth by the children of Qayin/Cain (via Yapet, 3rd or last born son of Nocha/Noah)) from the northern parts of the world.  Denying the existence of our Lord and His divine laws and the laws handed down to us through our forefathers (ancestors) who were His servants, to keep peace and order in the world and keep mankind alive and well, is just a warfare tactic being used by these europeans as they serve satan (Lilith (Hebrew name); Medusa (Greek name)) like their father Qayin/Cain ... who always broke the divine laws of our Lord, to kill his own brother Habel/Abel the just. (Genesis 4). 


o ctj2010 quote:  "One's religion and one's spiritual beliefs are personal and private things:"

Some of our ancestors in the Americas, for reasons of their own, stop believing in our Lord and invented their own gods to worship and serve.  This ignorance of our beginnings as taught to us by our forefathers is how the europeans got by us this time are.  Ignorance of their own history is how the Huns (cousins of the Negroes and Canadian Native Americans) have managed to evilly and unlawfully rule over the native Chinese of Shemitic/Kushyte ancestry for over 2000 years ... invading China after the death of the 1st emperor and burning all the Chinese libraries and systematically killing all the learned and wise scholars of China, then telling the remaining Chinese that the Huns and they (native Chinese) were the same people -- even though they look nothing alike and are of different skin colors.



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