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From: Guest9/28/99 9:21 PM 
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Please pick up a book called "Africans and Native Americans:The Language of Race and the Evolution of Red-Black Peoples" by Jack D. Forbes.

It discusses the arbitrary and inaccurate nature of racial classification in the US. Forbes does a great job of showing how many Indian tribes in VA had their land stolen by an early form of the "1 drop" rule. In many cases he found that full-blooded Indians were being called "negro" and "mulatto"! It really goes a long way to explain the way colonizers attempted to legislate Black Indians out of existence. Relatives I thought were black African turned out to be mixed with Indian or full-blood. It cleared many things up for me in research my own family history. I hope it helps someone else do the same.


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From: IvySpring9/29/99 12:15 AM 
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Hi Shelby,
Actually, I have recommended his books to several people reading this forum. Yes, his books are very enlightening, candid and fair. By the way, I had the privilege of chatting with Dr. Forbes just last week. He had just flown in from out of the country when I caught him at his office at U.C.Davis. I was thankful for the opportunity to at least meet him by phone.
I honestly admire Prof. Forbes and his effort to educate people on what has been done historically to people of color, but in so particular, native peoples and blacks. I do highly recommend his writings because he educates from a native standpoint--some would not perhaps read or believe his writings if he were non-native. His books are ALL good reads.

From: yvonnepeters9/29/99 5:59 PM 
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Hello Shelby,I know The Creator is smiling upon you, and I wanted to thank you for suggesting that others read this book by Mr. Forbes. I have not yet finished, mainly because I have two kids, but I know already that his work possesses much integrity, and he is most thorough with his references. A person reading can see that he makes every attempt to be as accurate and non-biased as possible, since it becomes apparent that he is seeking only truth. I do hope that his work prompts others to do the same, so that some of the many distortions of history can be confronted. P.S. I went to a powwow last weekend, and for two days there was a hawk that kept flying around the circle. I believe that our Creator was pleased with the love, and sincerity there, and it was wonderous to see. Love and peace to all, Yvonne

From: Omoya (omoya1)9/29/99 10:02 PM 
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I've read Forbes, and OD'd on Katz, and argued with several others. But possibly the best book I've EVER read, (and for $45 it had better be)is African Americans and Native Americans in the Creek and Cherokee Nations, 1830s to 1920s, Collision and Collusion. Talk about myth-busting! It's obviously someone's doctoral thesis, but the wealth of info, and the "tell it like it was" tone beats everything I've read on my own Native background, thus far. Not a fun read, but I feel, now, that I've got a much more complete view of the whole business than anyone else has offered.

From: Guest9/29/99 11:14 PM 
To: Omoya (omoya1)  (5 of 8) 
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Please share the author of this work! I would love to read it. I too am on my way to ODing on Katz and Forbes! I can't believe how much my "American" His-story classes ignored. Whole people and events just erased and ignored.
I think we owe it to ourselves to expand our knowledge on this history and to make sure that it lives on.



From: Omoya (omoya1)9/30/99 10:49 AM 
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Oh man--I type that whole long title and forget the author! Tell you what. Barnes and Noble and Amazon both have it--or did. Go to those sites, type in even part of the title and it should show up. Hope the price is lower now!

From: yvonnepeters10/3/99 11:22 PM 
To: Omoya (omoya1)  (7 of 8) 
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Hello Omoya, I'm happy to meet you, by the way, interesting name. Thanks for referring the book. I haven't had time to search for it, but you can be sure I will. I was also curious to find out what you think of 3 papers written by Patrick Minges (website-People of color in old Tennessee)on the subject of african and cherokee relationships, removal of cherokee etc.. I would like to know if there is great dissention between his research, and that of Katya May. If you ever have time to read it(on the net) tell me what you think, and in the mean time I will purchase the book by May, and tell you my insignificant opinion. Again, thanks for responding.
Peace, Yvonne

From: Guest10/15/99 3:51 AM 
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Amen on stamping out ignorance starting with "I".


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