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From: stormshaddow8/13/06 2:24 PM 
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New website......Well I don't know if its new, but...........

                      “Looking for Community…

                        Be a part of the Black Red Roots Community”

                        JOIN NOW  !!!

It is known that many Africans intermarried with Native Americans. Less widely known is the fact that many Native Americans also owned African slaves, and fathered children with African slave women.  In addition there were smaller numbers  Free People of Color who lived in many of the nations and who also lived and married persons from the same nations, and whose descendants claim ancestry from the Oklahoma Black Indian people.  As a result, thousands of Americans have African and Indian ancestry." The Five Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole) owned slaves.

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From: ctj5278/13/06 2:32 PM 
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I'll check out this source too!

Thanks for caring and sharing...



From: ROSETTA3217/29/07 10:43 PM 
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  • Be a part of the Black Red Roots Community”

Who made up this new mislabeling of indigneous peoples as "black red roots" ...?  We don't need to be arificially subdivided by skin color.  Race is by blood ancestry -- not skin color, which varies among mankind by the will of our Maker.

  • It is known that many Africans intermarried with Native Americans. Less widely known is the fact that many Native Americans also owned African slaves, and fathered children with African slave women. 

This is nonsense ... Records show that there were NO slaves from Africa brought to the USA.  The indigneous people of Africa (sons of Racham/Cham/Ham) are still living in Africa where they are unlawfully being ruled over by immigrant western european Negroes (sons of Yaphet/Japheth) faslely claiming to the world that they are Africans (their nationality since they invaded Africa several hundred centuries ago).  The real indigenous Africans are never shown on TV, ... only western european Negro imposters and fakers are shown on the news and in european movies as the real African peoples  ... just like here in the USA, we indigneous peoples are never shown ... only those faking it as "white people" and indigneous Native Americans.  Only black immigrant european Negroes from the Caribbeans were brought to the USA as hired indentured servants and they were treated and counted as all other free persons in the USA as mandated in the USA Constitution.  These Negroes were never slaves.  The only people that were slaves in the USA were our indigneous ancestors of Shemite (brown to light skin) ancestry and their allies the Kushytes (sons of Racham/Cham/Ham who are dark brown) who came with our Shemite ancestors to repopulate this part of the land of Shem (after the world was divided among the 3 sons of Noach/Noah after the flood.  Read Book of Jubilees Chapters 8-9).   

It sounds silly.... Black Red Roots Community” .... Indigenous peoples have never identified themselves by skin color ... this is an evil practice of the western europeans who invaded our lands hiding behind their fake disguise of being "white people."  As we all know, our Creator did not make any "white people" because all people (sons of Ha'adam/Adam) or human beings are born with color in our skins.  It is the western european Negroes (which means "black") who have invented a way of artificially removing the color from their skin and then drinking a concoction to make their otherwise pinkish colorless skin appear evenly "white" all over.  Light-skin indigneous peoples people can simply used bleach cream to remove the color for their skin to make themselves look "white".  Western europeans and their artificially whitened made over allies of footsoliders (whom we call the "white man" but is really the serpent/nachash of Gen 3 in the Holy Scriptures ... the animal closest to man, who can walk upright, and talk and at one time eat the same foods as man and can mate with the wife of man to produce mulatto offsprings that are sterile/barren) assaulted our ancestors with this psychological warfare mind-game of color or racism ... done so as to make all indigneous people feel like we were "inferior" to them ... when "white people" are simply Negroes and their apostate allies of the children HaShem/Shem and Racham/Cham/Ham) who are darker (ebony, jet black, smoky black) in skin color than we are and have wider and bigger noses and someties thicker lips with shorter hair and harder skin than nearly all indigenous Americans.  This is why european immigrants have surgery done on their faces to make themselves look like indigneous peoples.  Our foreign cousins by ancestry of the children of HaShem/Shem and Racham/Cham/Ham have sold  us out ... just to die with the pagans who refuse to obey the divine laws given to our forefathers for all time, until the final judgement of the world.  Unless the apostates and pagans repent (including the serpent/nachash and Lilith and her host, e.g., the satans), we know how it will end ... just like with the flood -- only heterosexual men and their families will be saved by our Creator for the last time.

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