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Blasé news diary: blasting horns to the dormant sheep about politics and the lack of democracy due of the engulfing consumerism

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LAWLESS LONDON   Criminals on the Run

Started Feb-7 by Ø¿æÜ (Wunderlost); 517 views.

Police have not confirmed the motive behind the double stabbing in North London.

HELP US' Mum pleads with Boris Johnson after privately-educated son, 22, knifed to death on London street

A GRIEVING mum has pleaded with Boris Johnson to step in after her son was stabbed to death on his way to the shops in London.

Privately educated Sven Badzak, 22, was on his way to Waitrose to buy orange juice for his mum when he was attacked on Willesden Lane in Kilburn, North West London, just after 5.30pm on Saturday. Witnesses watched him die on the street from stab wounds with his shopping bag next to him as he became the second victim of a fatal a knife attack in the capital in 24 hours. Police have confirmed that Sven and his friend Bobby were stabbed after an "altercation" with a "group of males." They were chased and when Sven fell to the ground he was attacked by several thugs. Bobby managed to seek sanctuary in a shop but is currently fighting for his life in hospital.

    Mark Hodge  7 Feb 2021, 13:28

Myra (MKratz)

From: Myra (MKratz)


London became a terrifying city!

More than a dozen other people were knifed over the weekend across the city. Video footage has emerged of one of the blade attacks showing three men fighting a man armed with a knife in Streatham.

He is not the only one ! sweat

Eliot (Elohimil)

From: Eliot (Elohimil)


Just the same is happening in Toronto and Montreal - let's not forget Trudeau inviting these thugs right into our community!

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Eliot (Elohimil)

From: Eliot (Elohimil)


Waterloo Regional Police have released surveillance footage featuring a man they would like to speak with in connection to a stabbing last month in Cambridge.

A woman was stabbed multiple times near Scott and Fisher Mills roads at around 6:20 p.m. on Jan. 18.

Read more:

6 arrested, weapons and drugs seized, as police conduct raids in Kitchener and Waterloo


From: AuntBetsie


RIP - such a shame to encounter so much criminal actions!


From: Guard101


The Western cities around the world have opened doors to radical rebels from the third world - so what do you expect?


From: Sylveria


This is happening all over Europe and most of the western countries  at the current times. angry


From: AuntBetsie


You got that city 'entitlement' right on!!