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Blasé news diary: blasting horns to the dormant sheep about politics and the lack of democracy due of the engulfing consumerism

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Jan. 6th hearings are dangerous political theater,   American Politics

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One of the most consequential events in the recent history of the U.S. is set to be dissected on Thursday night during TV’s primetime schedule. Journalists slated to cover it will have to hope America sees the broadcast as something other than entertainment.

On Thursday night, most major broadcast networks and cable-news outlets are slated to shake up their evening programming grid to show what is expected to be a shocking report from the U.S. House Select Committee, which has spent months investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol, and what may be coordinated efforts behind it. Politicians are known to get into the weeds of their findings to try to make political points by attacking the other side, and to focus overmuch on the wonky inner workings of U.S. bureaucracy than on bigger themes. Thursday’s presentation, which may point to U.S. government officials at the time as bearing some responsibility for the attacks, is expected to defy those expectations.

TV News Shakes Up Schedules to Cover Jan. 6 Committee Report on Capitol Attack

By Brian Steinberg

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The Jan. 6th hearings are dangerous political theater, watch hockey instead

| Matthew Whitaker

Newsmax TV Jun 8, 2022

On Wednesday's 'National Report', Matthew Whitaker slams the January 6th Committee for holding primetime hearings and tells Americans to watch hockey instead. 

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Is the pre-election circus in town again?I'll be watching the Hockey games...

GO AVALANCHE to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 2001.

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This seriously overwhelming!