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Saskatchewan stabbings suspect   Criminals on the Run

Started Sep-7 by Dot_hoe; 178 views.

From: Dot_hoe


Since Sunday, police have been telling residents to “be vigilant” as they search for suspects in a series of stabbings that began early in the morning on James Smith Cree Nation.

One suspect, Myles Sanderson, is still at large.

The other, his brother Damien Sanderson, was found dead on Monday.

Police believe the men are connected to the stabbings, which have left 10 people dead and 18 wounded on James Smith Cree Nation and in Weldon, northeast of Saskatoon.

This is likely one of the deadliest mass killings in modern Canadian history.

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From: Dot_hoe


Saskatchewan stabbings suspect had 59 criminal convictions, was wanted for months.

CBC News: The National - 6 Sept 2022

Before he was accused in a mass killing in Saskatchewan, Myles Sanderson had a history of explosive violence and struggled with alcohol and drug use from an early age, his parole documents show.


The deadly Saskatchewan attacks will require a public inquiry to untangle.

 'You don't need guns to kill a lot of people,. but if you had a gun these killers would have been dead on the spot, at the first knifing'


From: Guard101



The second suspect connected to a mass stabbing spree died shortly after being taken into police custody, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have confirmed.

In a press conference, the RCMP said that Myles Sanderson went into what was described as "medical distress" shortly after being detained earlier Wednesday afternoon. He was taken to a hospital in Saskatoon and pronounced dead, Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore told reporters. She said she could not provide further detail about his death, except to say that "all life-saving measures were taken."

Before their deaths, the two Sanderson brothers had been charged with a total of four counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted murder and two counts of breaking and entering a residence.


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From: Guard101


Saskatchewan stabbings: "Broken" father grieves as murdered wife and son buried at same time.

GLOBAL NEWS Sep 12, 2022

Brian Burns woke up last Sunday morning to a flurry of missed calls and messages from loved ones telling him something terrible had happened at his home. Among them were missed calls and texts from his wife, Bonnie.

Burns, affectionately known as “Buggy” by all who know him, was horseracing about 50 kilometres east of his James Smith Cree Nation (JSCN) home when Myles Sanderson allegedly broke into his home, armed with a knife. His wife, Bonnie Goodvoice-Burns, 48, and son Gregory “Jonesy” Burns, 28, were murdered in the early morning stabbing spree that left 11 dead and 17 wounded. An ensuing four-day manhunt for Sanderson came to an end on Wednesday when his car was rammed off the road and he was apprehended. The suspect died hours later in custody. The body of his brother Damien, who is a co-accused in the murders, was found on JSCN-land on Monday.


From: Dot_hoe


These days, I hear to criminal actions on innocent people by a ragging stabber with a criminal backgrounds. 


From: MochaSofa


Canada has more knifing than gun shots! ?

Not a (Pinck0)

From: Not a (Pinck0)


GOOD LUCK, debunking this out! 

Guns and knives are like gum...

Pull it out in class and everyone acts like you’ve been best friends since kindergarten.