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From: Linda (LoveToRead)Jan-10 4:09 PM 
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I go to bookstores to sniff the books. When I want to read one, I pick up my phone.

And I’m not alone—at least on that second part. In a 2014 survey of 2,000 people, Nielsen found that 54% of book-buyers (paywall) used their smartphones for reading books at least some of the time, up from 24% two years earlier. In the first quarter of 2015, 14% of book-buyers were reading primarily on their phones, up from 9% in 2012.

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From: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-11 12:06 PM 
To: Linda (LoveToRead)  (2 of 10) 
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I have the Kindle app on my phone, but I almost always read books on the Kindle, not the phone

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From: Linda (LoveToRead)Jan-11 12:39 PM 
To: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 10) 
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If I'm not reading a paperback or hardback, I'm reading my kindle.  I find that I love my kindle mostly because I change increase the font size.  Paperback print seems to shrink more every year :-)


From: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-11 12:46 PM 
To: Linda (LoveToRead)  (4 of 10) 
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Linda (LoveToRead) said...

Paperback print seems to shrink more every year :-)

exactly cool

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From: Katie (ecn8) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-11 1:03 PM 
To: Linda (LoveToRead)  (5 of 10) 
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I don't think I could take the eye strain of reading on my phone, but my daughter reads on hers. I like to read on my kindle but I'm reading a 'real book' right now LOL. 

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From: Linda (LoveToRead)Jan-11 4:22 PM 
To: Katie (ecn8) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 10) 
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My son says that to me all the time!  He says that a kindle is not a 'real' book.  He only reads real books!


From: Bike (URALTOURIST1) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-17 9:48 AM 
To: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (7 of 10) 
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Love my Kindle Voyager type, super clear script and easy on the eyes.


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From: Linda (LoveToRead)Jan-17 9:53 AM 
To: Bike (URALTOURIST1) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 10) 
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I really like my kindle .. mainly because I can change the font size.  I have Kindle PC on my computer, but I can't sit that long in front of the computer ... hurts my eyes.  And I don't have an I=Phone  :-)


From: Bike (URALTOURIST1) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-19 12:37 PM 
To: Linda (LoveToRead)  (9 of 10) 
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Going to a bookstore is a lot like my favorite if I see one, going into a better tobacconist's shop, the smell of cured tobacco is frighteningly addictive.  I do NOT go into the smoking room(s) as it stinks, odd dichotomy but very true.  Same with a bakery or winery, the delicious smell from the aromatics is just so good.

I am not so turned on by the moldy/musty smell of an old book store but do not have any averse reaction.  New book stores do have an attractive inky redolence by comparison..


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From: Linda (LoveToRead)Jan-19 1:32 PM 
To: Bike (URALTOURIST1) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 10) 
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I love the smell of newer books!   When I was still working, I always looked forward to the first of the year when I'd get all the new coding books for diagnoses and procedures.  I'd always sniff them awhil before sharing.  :-)


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