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Pythons & Mosquitoes   Chit Chat

Started 10/10/17 by Cstar1; 443 views.

From: Cstar1


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I kind of doubt the problem is a dramatic as the article implies, YES, it is a major issue but 99% of any species of mammals gone? not even a close bet there.  Even the tale of giant alligator consumption is highly suspect.

Does that mean we should ignore the problem?  Not at all, we should ENCOURAGE bounty rewards and other incentives for invasive reptiles and amphibians in the USA, not just in Florida, the whole of the Gulf basin as well as the Southeast is subject to semi-tropical and tropical critter invasions.  As it is now, in Florida anyway, hunting these invasive snakes is restricted as we do not want to disturb the environment of other creatures.  THAT is weird as inaction or half measures may well mean their is no need to protect others when they have been eaten.

I'm thinking they know what their doling in these planned attacks.




Glad to see the bounty paid  to these professional hunters is almost enough to make it worth their trouble.  25 hunters is not enough to make a serious dent in the population on these scheduled forays into the swamp.  Do the math, on Burmese can lay 100 eggs, 50 become little pythons, 25 hunters may be able dispatch 5, HMMMM, 45 still roaming and laying up to 100 eggs a year each, that is a net loss no matter how you figure, and that was starting with ONE python.

Aside:  It strikes me as not at all funny that the papers STILL insist on the AW, GEE stories about some person being lauded for rescuing an invasive creature and taking it to a rescue organization for rehab, locally a person captured an invasive African Giant Tortoise and it is being rehabbed, FOR WHAT?  Another: The lady near Gainesville that dispatched a Burmese Python was excoriated for using a GUN in doing in the damned snake, made her out to be a dangerous person because she carried a GUN on her person.