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Ladybugs Question   Ladybugs and other Beetles

Started 2/11/18 by B-17 Girl (Collinwood11); 749 views.

Now don't get me wrong, I actually like ladybugs a lot.  They're damn cute!  But they wreak havoc in my house as my kittehs love to chase after them and have no consideration for anything that stands in between them and the ladybug.

So, how do these cute little bugs get in the house in the first place?  I don't have my windows open nor do I leave the door open.  I mean this as a serious question too, I'm curious to know how they get in the house!

They don't need much space to get in actually. They gather in large groups where ever they can find some shelter and wait out the cold. Then a nice warm sunny day heats them up and they SHOULD fly outside, but usually they check out your house first lol You could check the screening on your vents and soffits.

Oh I like this article


I'd skip anything that wanted you to use chemicals.

I can imagine the damage your kitties could do chasing these guys around. One fly in here and 3 cats is cause for me to start grabbing breakables and yelling Hurry up and catch the damn thing!!! On the plus side, the cats get GREAT exercise!

I swear, I must have caught at least 10 of them that day and have been catching several a day since then.  I just caught one and was gonna release it outside but it's sleeting/snowing and I didn't have the heart to freeze the little thing out! 

Good for you! You could start a ladybug circus!

Well it's warm today's refugees will be released outside!

Hey Kid, I have my preferences set to view forums in Classic format only but this forum still shows up in zeta.  Any suggestions?

Any of my forums I am using Live Stories in I have set to view as Zeta only. Otherwise it loads the forums weird in Classic and people viewing that way get confused.

Crap.  I intensely dislike zeta. 

Just on principle?

It's just a webpage. I like that I can filter in bug pics from Twitter without having to actually go on Twitter. When I have spare time off Delphi I like the entomology geared groups on Facebook, but it's time consuming to bring that content back here (and many of the groups are closed so I cannot anyway) Photobucket destroyed 8 years of pics here and on my Blog, so using the Live Story was the best option for keeping this forum open.