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Drunken Flies?   Chit Chat

Started 2/25/18 by kizmet1; 318 views.

From: kizmet1


Hope you can help me.

  I eat a lot of chicken.  If I don't wash and freeze the wrappers from a particular store right away flies erupt and they seem to act drunk or like they are drunk or stoned.  Why???  

I get the same brand at the membership store and don't get flies.  I once asked a butcher at the membership store how his store's chicken differed from the other store and he said the chicken grower grew chickens to his store's specifications.  Made sence to me.

  What I want to know is what do you think is being used by the buggy store to make the flies fly funny?  I know their chicken is different because the trays of breasts and/or thighs have a lot more fat than the membership store.

It's probably not the chicken itself (but that is rather off putting to think about if it is) but might be something they are putting on it or the trays, citrus/apple cider vinegar comes to mind. Let me do a little hunting about.

Are these "flies" tiny like fruit flies? Or smaller versions of a housefly?

Well here's an article on flies in food processing plants.


From: kizmet1


Flies like horse flies.  Both store chains use same packaging.  

I got fruit flies last summer coming out of indoor garbage can.  Came from new herbal seasoning I got at healthfood store.  I now freeze chicken bones in warm weather until I bring them outside.  

Weird! I can see rotting meat attracting flies of all sorts, so it's actually the chicken that does not attack them I'd be curious about (as I'm sure you were and why you asked the store manager)

I freeze all our food waste too until garbage day when they pick up the compost as well.


From: kizmet1


Since earlier posts it occurred to me that the diapers used for both whole chicken and parts tray may differ from company to company.  

Do you get chicken at membership store?  It doesn't cause the drunken flies that the other one does.   We have FF chicken  from both stores.  I think it must be a food co-op that grows to order.  Lynden by border used to sell good chicken but are no longer in stores.  Wonder if they became part of co-op?

No I don't belong to the membership stores.