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New Studies Reveal Orchid Mantis Info    Bugs in general

Started 3/6/18 by Kid (Kidmagnet); 285 views.
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Thanks to All Pets Big and Small for drawing my attention to this fascinating article!

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Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


From the article

Greg Holwell, who coauthored the study, told me: “What this work really emphasizes is that working on a completely unstudied species can produce fascinating results. Getting out there and starting with some solid natural history helps to generate hypotheses that you can subsequently test with field experiments, and can lead to the discovery of completely novel phenomena.”

That great bit of advice is not just for scientists! Getting out in the field and studying the tiny world around us is the best way to learn and connect with nature. Kids that have enough free play time outdoors already know this. Adults can learn from both these "experts" and follow suit. Switch your phone to camera and away you go. Make your nature walks sit and watches and you'll come back all revved up with new info and hopefully great photos to share!


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Looks like the villian in a Disney cartoon.

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It really does lol