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From: (kmunch)2/13/03 3:11 PM 
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Hi's Kirk. I've been thoroughly enjoying your insighs and the history of the Cafe and the entertainers it hosted. Amazing stuff....and it's a shame those days of innocence and straight ahead rock and roll have passed in favor of the rather crooked business the recording/music industry has now become. It makes me yearn for days gone by.

I've also noted your concern for wayning interest in the Cafe's history. Perhaps this is not the best forum for that. These message boards are somewhat difficult to navigate and hard to find. But I think it is very important for you to document the Cafe's history, as itheld an important place in the developement of many stars who went on to be huge successes. perhaps a small website of your own, dedicated to the Cafe Au Go Go, with any photos and rememberances you might have, along with an independent message board that's associated with that site...would be just what the doctor ordered to keep the memory of the Cafe alive. I think it's very important, and would be a great outlet for you as well. We've done this with the Edgar Winter site...and it's become one of the more rewarding things I've ever done with my life. When you feel passionate, as you do, about something...there's nothing more rewarding then building an online museum, so to speak, that covers every aspect of that passion. It benefits not only you as the museum keeper, but the public for having a complete documentation of something historic. The power of the internet amazes me...a complete source of (mostly) accurate information. I think it would be a great project for you to undertake...and it might be relatively easy to get started. Perhaps your internet provider allows you a limited amout of webspace where you can begin a site. I think you'd have a lot of fun with it....and the skills involved are not all that difficult once you get the hang of it. Don't let the history of the Cafe Au Go Go's an important slice of Americana.

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From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/13/03 3:29 PM 
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I've been in touch with Christopher M. who is going to help with the Crestline Village Theater's website which like the Cafe' au Go Go site is languishing.  What I thought was to LINK them and stimulate activity along with and the Delphi Forums Everybody's Talkin' and others in whose careers I've had a part and an interest.  Thank you for your kind words and advice which believe me I take to heart.  The thought of Cafe' au Go Go surviving is exciting to me as it certainly had a prominent place in the History of New York and the Music Industry. 

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/13/03 3:41 PM 
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I thought to LINK to the DataBase of 4200 Cyber Cafe's would be a way to do to expand on line the Spirit of the Cafe' au Go Go simulcasted from the stage of .  Did you by chance see Saturdays The Sun 3 page spread of the Theater and my comments to turn it into a multimedia entertainment centre, mounting and producing events for simulcasts to involve our burgeoning professional community up from the Hollywood centres?  I've been lining up on the internet many interested producers and performers to come up here and ply their unique niche from that Theater of Dreams, much like the Cafe' au Go Go did in the 60's. 

From: (kmunch)2/13/03 4:15 PM 
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No...I didn't see the Sun...but happy to hear the Village Theatre is still a glimmer in someone's eye! As you know...I for one would love to see you take the bull by the horns on that and turn it into something better than it's ever been. Lord knows you have the background...and I know it's been an uphill battle with all the "powers that be"...but it's something the community sorely needs at this point, especially with the demise of all of the other local entertainment facilities. We hope to see the Theatre turn into the entertainment jewel of the San Bernardino's...and enthusiastically support all of the efforts to bring that dream to fruition.

As far as Christoper M. goes...I hope he pulls thru for you. He's a busy guy. I've had him re-working my real estate website and progress has been a bit slow (and that's an understatement!)...but he definitely has the talent to build an artistic, attractive site...when he sets his mind to it and finds the time! I'm real happy with the reworking of my site...but it still hasn't appeared online. I'll let you know when it's you can view a sample of his work.

Keep the spirit alive, my friend! Hope to see you soon!


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/16/03 10:33 PM 
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Talk about a product of Cafe' au Go Go, my son Sheppard became a songwriter.  Probably because of his exposure to the Business at so young an age and living the Life in Woodstock and Cocoanut Grove being inspired by the likes of Fred Neil, Richie Havens, Stevie Wonder, Albert Grossman, and hearing all the players since he was born.  We just did a quick tally of his recorded songs on which he has collaborated and it has so far come to 36,400,000 units on 20+ albums.  Ten of which are Platinum and the rest Gold.  Now he has the Brit Award to his credit for Dont Stop Movin' performed by S CLUB 7 who is produced by the same company who brought us American Idol and will soon break out in the USA.  Sheppard is 34 years young and is still moving and working prodigously all over the World as he has the last 15 years.  He's finally arriving at his craft and is now producing other artists so they will cover his songs which number almost 300 registered at Library of Congress, BMI, PRS, EMI, Universal, Rondor. 

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