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Mark Roth........was Richie Haven's manager and producer and co-owner of Stormy Forest Records/MGM and also the photographer for many Joni Mitchell photos and Album Covers had a web site but it seems to now up for sale and now I dont know how to get in touch with him.  He did a great deal of work for me and my son Sheppard a few years ago and in looking over his work, I couldnt help but think of how excellent a photographer he was.  He also was videographer at some of my shows at the ROXY using state of the art broadcast HI 8 Sony equipment plus stills and it was great.  His LIFE Magazine cover of the First UFO Sighting and his work with the Beatles was outstanding and his pictures and film of Cafe' au Go Go.  I wonder if he still lives in Hollywood.  He never asked me for anything and though I paid him, I feel he deserves more in the way of recognition so I'd like to put his slides on the Internet and further his career.  So MARK if your out there, post here or e-mail me and I will get it going for you .             Thanks, Howard

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The cost of faxing Tony Arnold and Riny just 15 pages last month was $120 in phone charges plus posting the Bayshore Tapes was an additional $110 and to this date I have not had a response either on the net or by letter from anyone except Henry, Ed, Denis, so I guess there is no interest in the rest of the material at Tony's Studio or Here.  I don't mind the expense really, but it is disheartening to realize that there is minimal interest in my product or what I have to say anymore.  I guess its best to just let it lay fallow till the right thing comes along or the real producer who has abiltiy and clout enough to get it done with dispatch and on a level I could be proud of, rather than the disappointments I've experienced thus far in the last 12 years waiting for a good thing to be done.


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20 members here today and no one posts.........No opinions, no memories, no criticisms except by e mail behind my back to Tony Arnold and Rico Barry from Richie, Jerry, Bob, Vince, Joe, Stephan, Cros, who all to a man owe me debts beyong their sorry abilities to pay of which Ive long forgotten.  Out of the Hundreds of Artists these seek to ruin my endeavor to bring my archive of great film and audiotape to life only to have it pirated on the black market rather than see me recover some of my investment and have the pleasure in its control of production.  If I knew the tapes would go back to the estates and the living artists without copies being kept or the original masters held back in France then I would be very happy to let that be, but to deprive my estate and family of my property of substantial value is to say the least reprehensible and should be stopped.  The recent materials I sent with the understanding I would receive them back plus the original booklets of press, clearances, publishers, and CD's of the material as they came out of the boxes, was never acted upon, except to say they are being kept for payment of a bill I never ordered but was willing to pay to keep good faith.  Then I have been called a Liar, Forgerer, TWAT, and so many other unprintable words unfit to be seen here.  I've been accused of improprieties with Fred Neil who long since forgave and forgot whatever he was Talkn' about and we squared the playing field to his advantage only to be continued by his cohorts to vacate my interests in their own behalfs.  Well time marches on and the day of reckening is nigh when all will be revealed and I will as usual PREVAIL.  I am seeking restitution from those who can afford it and will leave those who can't alone to fester in their own depravity.  Like Richie said to Allan pay up man the good lord is watching or he will pay you 100 fold. 


From: pourinrane2/14/02 5:19 PM 
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Happy Val day.

For the price of a scanner ($50 to $100) you could save all those phone charges. I wish when I left mine with you I had the time to show you how to use it, but it is old and a SCSI device which is a bit tricky for a novice, and the internal rom doesn't work that well with operating systems it never heard of, like win 98 and 95.

But good home scanners capable of web publishing can be had these days for under $100, some blow outs and ebay at less than $50 and the price is going down. You could send stuff world wide from your desktop in jpg and pdf.

I know you don't want to hear it and jes need someone to help ya out and dammit I wish I could spare the time and I hope I'll find it god willin' and break free of all these chains.

toogone in tucson


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