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From: Jim28731/30/02 5:48 PM 
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The Blues Project LIVE AT TOWN HALL

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From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/2/02 7:33 PM 
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I dont know how many of you out there have ever presented any shows any where.  I can tell you that Presenting The Blues Project Live at Town Hall in New York City was for me a singularly memorable event, especially that the concert sold out 2 performances and was recorded by Hanley Sound and MGM.  The performances of the band especially Danny Kalb and Al Kooper were electrifying and the recording on Verve were equally as great because it was a first for New York and for me was a great experience especially that my announcements were left in.   Some mistakenly have said that the recording was done in studio which is completely untrue.  Every note and every bit of audience reaction was LIVE.  Im extremely proud of that album and the memory of one of the very greatest times in New York's Musical History.  If you get a chance go out and get it on CD as it has recently been rereleased for the 11th time.  You will be blown away.  The album cover is here......uploaded thanks to Riny last week.  I especially bring it to your attention because right now Danny and Steve are doing a benefit for Dave Van Ronk and a eulogy for Andy Kulberg the creator of the classical Flute Thing which was done at this Live Concert.  I hope to God Al Kooper was able to make the benefit given by his band mates and that he is well enough to play and sing.        God I miss all those guys who played for me for two Whole years and which shows Fred Neil worked so hard in the early morning hours to play his beautiful music for and adoring audience of the Hippest of the Hip of that time.


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/8/02 9:54 AM 
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Dear Wha thirty years a long time in the total order of things.......for me creating music is for the moment for all to enjoy beyond the span of just 3 little decades.  Howie

From: Wha612/8/02 5:54 PM 
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Well, I wasn't really referring to 30 years in terms of music (music is timeless and ageless), but rather why did you wait 30 yrs. to try to recoup whatever you feel you were "ripped off" for?

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/8/02 7:46 PM 
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I just never thought about it.  Till now. I had much better things to do.  Anyway the stakes are higher now.  My name is on every album and on a few covers like Howard L. Solomon Presents the Blues Project Live At Cafe' au Go Go.  In the beginning I received royalty statements and then after a few years they stopped when MGM was sold to Polygram. 

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/9/02 4:40 AM 
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Town Hall in New York City would actually be a wonderful venue for a Tribute Concert because of its size and reasonable cost.  Its on 54th Street conveniently located and is a wonderfully equipped hall with some of the finest acoustics of any in New York.  The facilities for recording and filming are excellent and the ablility to move equipment in and out are superior to any others.  It probably could be had for a two night event totaling 3200 seats for a tenth of the cost of anywhere else other than Carnegie Hall.  If all the artists would charge no fees then the producers wouldnt be at risk and there would be a profit for the Dolphin Project rather than a loss.  The proceeds of the Video, Film, Audio, would go to furthering other good work to help the human needs of that city and the estate.  Ric Obarry with his data base could easilly coordinate the event and perhaps with the help of CBS/Sundazed get the event off the ground expeditiously.


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/9/02 2:08 PM 
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Does anyone have any pictures, reviews, memories, shows seen, at Cafe' au Go Go?  Please share.


From: henrymiami2/9/02 6:22 PM 
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howard, after 30 years do you think that any of those contracts can be enfoced? are there any statutes of limintations involved?

if the au go go only held 250 then as the 60s grew older, it must have been difficult to break even, specially when the folk scene became electric.


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/9/02 7:41 PM 
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All I can do is enquire and see if reasonable minds exist at Polygram and proffer my contracts.  Im sure they will settle considering the enormous volume I brought to their company and subsids.  If not then so be it.  The music is out there for all to enjoy. 

The Cafe' au Go Go sat 300 and as much as 400 plus the Garrich Upstairs of another 299 and the Bag I'm In on the corner held 160.  Yes it was almost impossible to stay afloat when everything which came in went out. 


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/9/02 7:45 PM 
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Chrome I like your enthusiasm and can only say put a package together and reduce it to writing in a make sense professional manney and I will entertain any proposal as long as its MULTI MEDIA embracing all forms of distribution.

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