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From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/8/02 10:52 AM 
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You have the audacity to WARN ME........Be Warned you say........who in God's name do you think you are.........since when did you become judge and juror and have the temerity to find me guilty when you in fact hold my stolen pirated recordings, films, documents, produced by me almost 40 years ago.  You have paid nothing for their use and claim monies due and owing from me who was ripped off by your companies and friends as to bills I didnt order or approve of, only to have my Film released by Video Arts (Japan) and shown on NHK TV through the guise of a company I had no part of.  Then you blatantly lie saying it was my company when in fact it was never formed.  You say you were not paid by these people HSV/CCTV and had orders on their letterheads which I have never seen.

WARN ME.............Be Warned............I want my material returned forthwith or you will suffer the consequences of your Fraudulent Behaviour under the laws of your VATS in both England and France.  I also am holding Johanan Vigoda personally liable for this on going PIRACY of my product and am noticing the Internal Revenue Service in this respect. 

CC: Attorney PITT

notices to BMG att: Donal Gallagher, Virgin Records, EG,  MPCS-PRS-Alliance (Adrian Crookes).


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From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/8/02 11:17 AM 
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I didn't produce 2600+ straight performance of over 300 performers and artists in the 60's plus concerts all over the City of New York, Hollywood, Cocoanut Grove, England, Europe,by pure luck and amateurishness as I have been called by Tony Arnold here.  I am a consumate professional who has for the last 50 years dealt in the legal arena and on many stages with many STARS and Moguls and will not stand for any more Lying Cheating Stealing of my product and enterprise, especially wherein it effects the Fred Neil, Blues Project, Richie Havens, Blues Bag, Butterfield, Lenny Bruce, Jefferson Airplane,  B.B. King, Tim Hardin, Karen Dalton, and dozens of other artists and products which I produced and paid for by diligence and my own funds never returned to me to now have them stolen by virtue of current illegal possession Bonded and Insured in England and moved to France for piracy and illegal distribution without my knowledge or permissions granted.

CC: Robert Steinberg ; re: Estate of Fred Neil

CC: Andrew Platt ; re: Tony Arnold aka Arnysshack aka Courthouse Facilities,  

CC: David Braun

CC: Gang Tyre Brown, Beverly Hills


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