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Message # 300.........thanks to all......I hope you enjoy this site as much as I.  Its all I have left of the product in so many places I've lost count and the hope of ever seeing it again as a producer.........I pray all the others who have it do it the justice it deserves.
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Arny......Tim of Sundazed just called and said Bob is still in studio but will be back to us the early part of next week.  He has your E Mail and will talk to you about it.  Meanwhile they asked if you would  Fax them the Fred Neil Masters inventory you have of original MULTI Track Masters.  Thanks........Howard

Fax #518-731-9492


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From: arnysshack2/13/02 5:39 PM 
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The D2 Videos are very valuable, DVD is the future and that makes them of great value. I can not make a first class DVD from Lo-Band material that I have at the moment, only a DVD Demo.

Many thanks for your offer of payment,
whether you will ever pay me or not I have my doubts, I do feel I will be stuck with this material for the rest of my life, and nothing will ever come of it while you try to hold the steering wheel.
When all this folded up, back in 1991, I did my upmost to rescue the D2 Video from Heathrow to stop CCTV getting hold of them, the only problem that I had was, I did not have £850 to get them out of Heathrow, George Marshall was also worried about CCTV getting them,
George and I agreed, that if I could talk Heathrow into parting with them, as they were in CCTV's name not in my name, or George's, he would pay for the release of these D2 Video Masters that you now have.
I also gave my word to both George & Jamie, that I would hold the balance of material until such time as we all got paid, I gave my word that I would not just look after my own ends by parting with the material, just to only get my own money. I would look after the team.
So when Cireal Van Hemel rang me some six years ago and offered me my money, if I would let him have these Masters, I made it clear to him, that he would have to pay George Jamie and myself, plus I was loyal to yourself by stating to C.V.Hemel, that he would also have to have your permission before I would let anything go.
Now George paid for and then brought these masters to you from the UK to California, and placed them in your hands, later he posted all your film elements back to you we sneaked them out of Heathrow also. to C.V Hemels shock.

Did you offer to pay George for money out of his own pocket,

The answer is


You have your film back all cleaned up by Jamie, all paid for by George, you have D2 Videos
as I understand it all for free, and you expect us to trust you. If you can get away without paying you will, so before you collect, I want.


NOT A CHECK or CHEQUE (In Queens English)

It has to be in George's, Jamie's and my bank.

Then I will hand it ALL over to the Fed/Ex man which you must arrange collection.

Here is the deal
Tonight I telephoned George
He was never paid by HSV either he will be emailing me his Invoice

You will also owe him the £850 for Heathrow, Plus shipping of D2's
Plus shipping of Film
You will pay George direct, not through me

Jamie is owed £1,500 Stirling
You will pay Jamie direct, not through me

and you owe me, which you will carry out a transfer direct to my bank.

£10,000 Plus £1,000 for setting up four Web-Sites complete with hosting.

In return you will receive all of the Audio Masters, that I received from CCTV.
Including all copys including and all DAT's
2 VHS Videos and 2 Lo-Band Umatics

Passwords and user names will be revealed, for you to Handle the four Web-Sites.


But I feel in my bones you will find an excuse, so you can continue this SAGA on

AGAIN, A rude letter will follow


on behalf of George Jamie & Myself


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Welcome to Stefan Wirz whose web site contains the finest overview of American Contemporary FOLKBLUESJAZZ classique players of our generation.  It is a site well worth the visit and use to any audiophile and archivist.  His collection is second to noone and I am proud of his presence here and on the Fred Neil website.  His integrity is beyond reproach.  It would do well for Tony Arnold our resident engineer to coordinate some of his efforts with Stefan, Chrome Oxide, Riny, Old Goat, to perfect and polish his website so perhaps we can LICENSE my masters rather than sell them to a manufacturer and distributer for a more satisfying body of work with me retaining my masters and not losing control.  Im sure all these parties can help to make this a reality plus the ongoing clearance work of George Marshall and Jamie Mc Coen.

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/17/02 2:17 PM 
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 67.12 in reply to 67.11  is where to go for an in depth overview of FRED NEIL and THE DOLPHIN PROJECT plus hundreds of other artists of the 60's.

Harvey Mandel played for me a few years back with Mick Taylor and the Barry Goldberg Blues Band for the 30th Anniversary of the Blues Bag at Genghis Cohen in Hollywood.  I was there Friday and had Lunch and looked at the room I designed for my friend Alan Rindie (CBS) and I was indeed proud of the result.

Thanks for the correction to Stefan's site and the lead to David's which is filled with contemporaneous information of the industry. 

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From: pourinrane2/18/02 2:26 AM 
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Yes licensing . . . as Fred would say, 'it has a ring' to it. Why sell when you can rent?!?!

Check out David Gross's David managed Harvey Mandel for some time and did when I first met him a few years back. He has a free subscription music wire that you may find interesting.

all for now.


From: pourinrane2/18/02 2:28 AM 
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that link: is broken 'cause there's an 'h' at the end instead of an 'm'

so it should look like:


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/18/02 12:53 PM 
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Guitar Masters

the Drop "D" tuning produces some of the richest and most vibrant chords possible on the guitar.  They fill the room with a warm powerful sound.  Your Guitar will never have sounded so good. (Perry Tarhune)

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From: arnysshack2/18/02 2:58 PM 
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Dear Howard,
I agree and so does Ry Cooder and many others



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