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From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/12/02 6:29 PM 
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All good things must end I guess and so it is with this forum because of so little interest.  There just aren't enough memories.  Which is a good thing because why keep mired in the past when there is so much out there in the future. 
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From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/13/02 8:28 AM 
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Chrome Thank you for your suggestions to do my project via Historic Films and a Cable TV Channel, but it is simply not what I'd be interested in doing.  I would only consider a Major Label and an HBO or Network TV special and series, or to me its a waste of time and valuable material.  All that you suggest has been brought to me before and it has proved meaningless.  The returns are minuscule in relationship to my total investment.  Also at this time I have lost access to my archive as it is being held by Tony Arnold in France (Arnysshack/Ampex) where there is a balance outstanding and producers points to be paid, before Im able to entertain any offers to develop this property.


From: chromeoxide2/13/02 11:56 AM 
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I wish I could have been of more help. But at the moment, these are the only connections I have. I expect I will be developing more connections as time progresses, but nothing is ever certain.



From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/13/02 12:21 PM 
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Chrome, you have already been a great help.  Your site alone was an eye opener for me after all these years, I had thought my work was long forgotten as well as me.  I will follow through your suggestions and no telling where they may lead.  Keep on trying and you never know just what's on the agenda in our BIZ.

From: arnysshack2/13/02 3:47 PM 
To: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 21) 
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Dear Howard,
The quality of the artists is not to be questioned,
The quality of the original recording, engineering and filming
of this material is on the verge of poor to bad.

You will never get a major deal on this material.

You overvalue yourself
Undervalue the work that is to carried out on this material, trying to correct bad recording technics, poor storage by yourself in your damp old garage,
and as you well know
half the soundtrack is missing from the film due to yourself and others, mislaying this important part, due to mis-management in the care of this material.
I dont think you know the meaning of the word


The record company is going to have to pick up the Tab for this work to be completed

From my experiance you would'nt pay.



From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/13/02 4:30 PM 
To: arnysshack  (6 of 21) 
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Yes you are quite right I would not pay for the upgrade of the elements at this late stage of the game.......I would think that any record company given new techniques expect to handle the matter of cleaning baking and correction.  You of course know this and have performed miracles with the poorly stored material in my musty old studio in Cocoanut Grove.  But the matter is clear that there is enough material capable of surviving to make the archive worthwhile.  I have 23 albums to my credit and all of them had their problems but they are released.  The film my friend I saw on Laser Disc at Warner Brothers and the entire staff agreed that is was better than very good and were excited to work with it pending clearances and synch rights in a meeting with the head of the company and Elliot Roberts who to this day wants to make it happen as he is a fan of Cafe'au Go Go and still manages Neil Young and was David Geffens partner and Joni Mitchell's manager from the day he discovered her at Cafe' au Go Go.  You even have correspondence from Gregg Geller and his suggestions of 6 years ago to break the material up to each record company who wanted parts but I refused to sell off pieces which I could have done all these years but had a larger vision than just immediate money for treasures of arte. 

The Fred Neil material is very dear to me as is all the rest of the Audio material so lets move it foward and stop all this oneupsmanship.  I know you are greatly talented and experienced.  I talk from experience myself firsthand and I am clearly a fan of yours as you know.  So lets stop the harranging and take care of business if that is what you wish.  But lets DO IT and stop dragging time off the face of the clock...............its Like I begged you to get Dave Van Ronks material to him and finally I understand he heard it off this site the week before he died (a blessing).   So is the same with the Blues Project of which only 3 members remain and two are desperately ill and infirmed.  Come on MAN I only mean well and certainly wish the best for you George and Jaimie.  Lets get this job done already whatever the cost it will as you well know will be returned in blessing and in Kind.            Twatsky


From: arnysshack2/13/02 4:55 PM 
To: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 21) 
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Dear Howard,
You ask me to get stuff of to folks, but never tell me an address or where to send it
I am still waiting for Susan Hardin's details
You will be moaning and groaning that I have not sent Tim's song to Susan next.

Besides, I can tell how quick you answer the posts,
all you ever do is sit on your backside watching this site all day instead of doing something useful.

Where as, I have other things in my life as well as, to be at your bec and call

A rude letter will follow



From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/13/02 4:56 PM 
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I can't do anything about Johanan Vigoda (Stevie Wonder's manager and attorney) and one of my oldest friends.  He is a penny pinching penurious old skinflint who has his own demons from years of being a lush and now he can hardly walk and has many mental problems.  All I can do is forgive him.  To try to collect from him is an exercise in futility as well as Cyriel Van den Hemel who is of the same type only worse.  But as I say Joe may be my worst nemesis but he is still my friend of 50 years and someday I just know he will pay me back for all that I did for him when he was just out of Harvard Law School and wanting to play empressario and used my facilities for his bands and all his friends with me footing the tab as usual.  He paid me with a $50,000 bad check and took my audio and film with Cyriel and stuck all the people you mention which actually this is the first time I hear of it as far as the D2's are concerned. 

David Geffen came to a screening of this material in the beginning about 1969 or so and said (when the photographer was unprepared for it and screwed and lost some elements)  "Howard my friend, JUST BURN IT......its not worth the trouble.....and you know what he was right but Im so damned persistant its hard for me to give up and just Fold Em.  So I just held em and look where I am again, ready to trash it all and move on down the road.

Our company Full Circle Management and my son Sheppard did more volume last year than most stars do in a lifetime.  You said of it that you couldnt find us at our offices but George had no trouble when he visited with me a few years ago and we only moved once since to larger quarters across from the Geffen Building on Sunset and I to the country to find a little peace and quiet away from SHOW BIZ and here I am right smack dab in the middle of it again. 

Anyway Tony I would certainly like to hear Sheppy's CD and if you want the new Compilation as I so enjoyed and treasure the last.  A DVD would be mind blowing but that may be too much to ask given all the things you heard about me.

By the way the Celine Dion release is March 25th and its called "Right In Front Of You" so don't BITE please it hurts enough with just a Broken Heart. 

Did you see the extensive material on Rory Gallagher in the OLD GOAT book "Blues Rock Explosion" of him and his band TASTE? plus 17 of my artists.  Beautifully presented.  Order it for yourself and I'll be happy to pay for it, I PROMISE or should I send you the $30 direct in cash or pieces of silver. 

Happy Valentines Day to you and your Lovely Wife.......I really dont know how she puts up with you.....but in my book you're really OK. 


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/13/02 5:10 PM 
To: arnysshack  (9 of 21) 
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I await your RUDE letter with great anticipation and can only say after knowing you for eleven years that you are really incapable of Rudeness.......It is clearly me that is New Yawk Rude Show Biz Rood..........thanks anyway for any response from you I enjoy your banter and must say you have a quality for creative writing which leads me to believe that your profession should also include a song or two a day to keep your blues away.

Yes I sit here all day with all my properties and brick and mortar and collections and correspondents and monitor this Net Site because it interests me as I do make things happen because of it.  Im real estate rich and cash flow poor so I just wait for monies to roll in from Many Sides and hope to cover the debt service without going belly up because of this great distraction to my creativity and money fountain.   TWATSYMONEY


From: arnysshack2/13/02 5:30 PM 
To: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 21) 
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Dear Howard,
Thanks for the kind offer

Do you forget that I re-mixed and re-mastered all of the Rory Material
Including Taste 18CD's in all.

By the way you should spend your $30 and give yourself a treat.

Rory has alsodone an album with Muddy Waters
also Albert King

and Finally
Jerry Lee Lewis

All of these artists asked for Rory to Play on their Albums

Rory is the finest guitarist and artist I have ever worked with.



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