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From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/4/02 1:36 PM 
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The interest here seems to be declining.  No one is posting anymore.  People seem to be using E Mail rather than this medium for all to see and participate.  My skills as a host are wanting and I am directionless.  I have so much information that its overwhelming for me to go to the places I'd like to go to tell the backstage stories of the time in the 60's which carved the activism which moulded the artistic idioms as we know them today, in forms unknown back then.  Intellectual copyright was related to the written word in book form and did not forsee the variations as we know them today which because of the instant usages universally make protecting rights an almost antiquated and impossible task for the industries which feed off the creators.  The music industry has reached to the far reaches of their stores in vaults to rerelease old material to format in variable forms with contemporary techniques and so avoid paying royalties wherever possible but for minuscule statutory rates to artists long gone who have few arbitrators to protect their interest until the right goes into public domain to be snatched up by publishers who peddle the wares to foreign users garnishing immense profits without paying anyone but the peddler.  Those being major companies who create subsidiaries of low budget agencies to avoid collection activity from legitimate sources.  Of course in league are the lawyers and accountants whose controls reach the highest level of administration and rights societies keeping out participants unable to afford the private clubs of the controllers of the domains.  Much is changing now to threaten this stranglehold on creativity and is worrysome to the perpetrators whose predatory actions inhibit new creativity.  Its amazing how many great stars who for decades have been cheated of their royalties and payments due to unscrupulous accounting methods weighing in favor of the corporate holder making the copyright owner unable to be paid their rightful shares who frustrated by inaction choose to give away their work in a new Free market of Art to the masses.

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From: Wha613/4/02 11:37 PM 
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I received an interesting e-mail this AM that should "warm the cockles of your heart" as the say. It was about a former inmate names James Carter who sang Po'Lazarus, an old work song, years ago with some fellow inmates, and it was recorded by none other than Alan Lomax who was traveling around the south with a tape recorder at that time. Well, the Grammy-award winning album, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? included Mr. Carter's version of this song. Carter had to be tracked down to be given his royalty easy task, the tracking. They finally found him and presented him with a check for $20,000, with more forthcoming. This article appeared in an LA paper...I tried to copy and paste it here, but it wouldn't work. So there still are some honest folks in the music biz out few, it seems, that this was news-making.

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/4/02 11:56 PM 
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The D2 masters are totally worthless to me or anyone else and most certainly to you who will sell them to the highest bidder to collect your due from CCTV for 7 weeks of work on material which to date has yielded nothing to anyone but your unscrupulous associates in England.  There is no chance for this material in your hands given how incapable you are of marketing it or structuring a viable deal  for a yield more than your fees for cleaning and engineering a small part of it.  I lost it by its theft and that is all there is.  I rarely got credit before and dont expect any compensation or credit now or ever.  So do what you have to do to get what it is you need to pay yourself and your cohorts and give my share away to someone less fortunate in the industry who might benefit from a lttle support.  The CBS tapes were clearly marked 1978 and were in fact 2" double boxes from Bayshore and are owned by CBS not Just Sunshine or Ric Obarry who received the budget direct from Albert Grossman;s office to fulfill the commitment to CBS.  Post whatever Lies and slander here for all to see as I dont care any more especially from the sources from which they come.  I didnt say I sent the D2's to Sundazed, I said clearly that I promised them in order to see whether Columbia would have interest in structuring a film presentation incorporating them.  I have not sent them as yet, because of your libelous comments to them which I am sure has now killed the deal.  You have my property illegally and thats the bottom line. 

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/5/02 12:06 AM 
To: Wha61  (4 of 29) 
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Yes that is good news and the exception rather than the rule. I received the news from Rockin Cabbie here and was pleased that someone is getting a little of his due, but upon acceptance he will vacate his copyright and publishers share unless that is what he want to do. A Grammy Award song and album will return millions and $20,000 for the major cut seems minuscule in the to total of income. But yes at least an attempt to pay is being made rather than face the embarrassment later.

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/5/02 12:24 AM 
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Being in show business I've to deal with a lot of WISE GUYS but the ones in England are totally amazing. They take, dont pay, go belly up, and in a nice British Accent say Thank You Very Much, Matie. Hand on your shoulder and the other in your pocket stealing the rest of what they can with a leering smile. Oh BLIMIE i've been had again, whereas in America they just take quietly stealing while calling their lawyers for support of their activity. The game is Who has the best Letterheads and book jugglers as they go for the juggler.
Its laughable but very expensive to play the game and without deep pockets and ammunition its clearly impossible. The greatest of the ACTS just give up quitting the game before all is lost. I've lost my archive to foreigners who sweet talked and smilingly steal it away under the guise of accomplished work unpaid by one hand knowing what the other is doing. Do you think I bet I do....but what can I do? Sue....yeah but who for what and who knows what will be left to recover when its all copied, uninventoried, sold in Japan, Asia, South America, and rendered worthless to a legitimate enterprise. I'm so glad I was born in Manhattan, N.Y. and worked in the BIZ there and in Hollywood because I'm prepared for most anything of the unexpected. Ahhh I go again back to the grind of retrieving whats mine, who knows maybe it will be rewarding this time.

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/16/02 7:00 PM 
To: Jzero (JZERO1) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 29) 
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Jack it has nothing to do with money.  It has to do with what's right with recordings which have been unreleased for almost 40 years of a major national treasure.  There is no money in it because of the very limited market for audiophile analogue vinyls.  But the pocket will be filled of historical value for a long time to come.

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/23/02 8:10 PM 
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Tony you didnt send me the content of the Fred Neil portion of the archive.  Also I havnt received the CD of Bayshore Material to complete the inventory for Sundazed.  I have emailed you what I sent to them thus far in an attempt to move this project foward with your good help.  Thanx..........$olo


From: hannan73/28/02 8:05 PM 
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Howard - in one of your messages you mentioned someone sending you a cd of Dino Valente material that you liked. Was it merely his solo album or was it different material. If it is material other than his solo album, would it be possible for you to make a copy for me. I have read the legal wrangling, but along with everyone else all I want is to hear more Fred Neil, Tim Hardin, and Dino Valente in whatever way possible. Howard, do you have any material of the aforementioned artists you could provide? Or anyone out there? Also is there anyone out there who can make me copies of the early Fred Neil singles? I have "You Ain't Treatin Me Right" and the four live hootenanny tracks and would like to acquire more. My email is

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/28/02 11:02 PM 
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That would be a nice trilogy......Neil, Hardin, Dino.....

The CD of Dino was sent to me by a producer for Fordham University Radio......who did the Fred NEIL broadcast tribute some months back.  Go to the www.cafeau-go-go web site and ask the webmaster Tony Arnold whether he will fulfill your requests as he has access to the archive containing those artists.  I note  you are in Arts and Entertainment.  What is it you do in the BIZ?  


From: hannan73/29/02 1:34 AM 
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Howard - do you think you could burn me a copy of the Valente cd, if it is not his solo album?

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