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From: arnysshack3/6/02 1:19 PM 
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Could the person who runs this Forum
remove my membership
do not forward any more emails

I am quiting

To find out why
I suggest you discuss this with
Howard L Solomon = $OLOMONEY

When this Forum becomes more musical please let me know
For something that is to be about music,
it is the most unmusical experiance that I have ever encounted.

Best Regards


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From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/6/02 1:54 PM 
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Cafe' au Go Go is not just about music but is about all communication arts embracing Theater, Music in all its forms, Film, Video, Literary, culture, movers and shakers, mavens of the the industry, Stars and the also rans. Keep digging and checking and Im sure you will find enough ammunition to bombard me with to bury me for the cause of the ones who didnt quite make it and the one's who did but not without my help and financing. Have Fun Be Well, Enjoy, Dont Worry Be Happy and I'll dig you in the next go arround when music is involved and all else is put aside. Greatfully yours for all you did.

Stephan, Ric, Vince, Fred, Bob, MaggyJeffPeg, Richie, Jerry, and a few others thank you too. If I left a few dozen out I meant to for now. If you like I will support your list with Im sure many more who would like to see me fall and go clear away in a flash.
The TwatmeisterGodStarMaker


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/6/02 1:58 PM 
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Oh by the way my epitaph should read.....he didnt know the first thing about music, he merely produced it. He was deaf dumb blind and cared little for anyone I guess and lived in a pretty How Town with up so many swinging bells down.

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/8/02 10:25 AM 
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Its interesting to note that thousands of Jazz albums were produced before the 60's in MONO as well as 80 albums of B.B. King before he came to me to present him at Cafe' au Go Go for the first time in New York City right off the Chitlin Circuit to reach a new audience of the college age and record him there in the new state of the art Ampex 4 track equipment.  I did this job with the very skilled hands of Wally Heider and Bill Hanley and have sent the bulk of that tape to Arnyls Shack in England who has cleaned it up and remixed it to where the end product is very desirable about 11 years ago and to this day nothing has come out or been done for my old friend B.B. King who today plays in sitting down due to failing health.  I just wonder, does B have to pass away for Tony Arnold to help to release this precious material that was recorded during an engagement with Eric Clapton and Fred Neil and other luminaries on the First MGM Blue Bag?


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