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In reviewing the Grossman/Neil documents which I had put aside since 1985 I realise now why Fred % Dolphin Projects didnt record for Just Sunshine or Bearsville and only 10 covers at Bayshore for which there was $50,000 appropriated out of the $250,000 advance by CBS.  He obviously didnt want to give up almost everything he had then and in the future under an onerous agreement weighted in favor of ABGM/Just Sunshine/CBS funded by his own money from BMI advances and loans.  Bagimin was clearly owned by us and was usurped by Vince Martin and Schroeder Music in a sale to UNICHAPPEL......The material of FRED NEIL at Tony Arnolds was sent there in good faith to move it along outside of the Cafe' au Go Go archive plus the material from Bayshore which is clearly owned by CBS who paid for it and expects its return to Sundazed Music % Bob Irwin immediately with a complete inventory of the content, number of songs and durations including outtakes and rough mixes.  I have already provided Sundazed all the Fred Neil material plus documentations proving my aegis and positions in this regard.  All I hope is that it all comes out and is respectfully treated as I know it will.

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I had to sue Fred Neil in order to protect his interests which were clearly being diminished by an onerous agreement with Wateredown Music, Albert Grossman 4th Floor Music, Bearsville Music, which took his copyrights from 3 rd Story Music in an irrevocable Assignment of the his interests which I had recovered for him some years before and put it all into his own corporation under BAGIMIN Music Inc.  The winning was empty because it split us apart for years and finally got back together after the dust settled in 1983.

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From: henrymiami3/16/02 3:56 PM 
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howard as time goes by it becomes more apparent why fred didnt record
for such a long time.
from what i understand, you sued fred because he signed off his 3rd
story interests to either just sunshine/grossman, thus leaving your
share of the bagamin worthless. i assume that those same copyrights
were used to fund/be the basis of your bagamin agreements-without them
bagimin was really not worth much. in effect he left bagamin for just
did you prevail gettin a cut of the money made from the cbs deal?
seems that bearville was willing to fund any album regadless of
success to get those lucrtative copyrights.

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/16/02 6:25 PM 
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Bag I'm In......not I realised nothing from the entire scenario.  I don't know anymore as to who has what except that I have the tapes I produced and want to release them to enjoy the experience.  The suit was vs Just Sunshine and actually on his behalf to recover an assignment of rights which would have been just going back to square one for nothing.

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