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From: pourinrane5/19/02 7:20 PM 
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Trying to make it up there Howard . . . got some goodies but not all. Perhaps I should wait until the middle of the week or next monday. Almost made it today but maybe drive it anyway at this late hour.
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From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host5/20/02 8:16 PM 
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woulda missed me..........was in the studio 2 days helping with a hit, maybe 3........that PROTOOL desk is amazing especially with great playback and a real Vocal Booth.  The engineer today brings it all together but the producer culls it out especially with a great song done by a stone pro session vocalist.  One song Rainrainrain is a little off but it will come together, but the techno piece is happening and will sell good.  Wow BMI gave Shep a letter of regcognition for the most sold British Single of 2001.  we hope Just In Front of You becomes a single off Celine's A New Day Has Come album released 5 weeks and #1 World Wide selling 6million to date. 

Left Hollywood at 6 am and got to Olde Towne at 7:20 am and went about my day in paradise.  The village theater coming along on the money and will be open for the weekend and should be full up.


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host5/21/02 8:20 PM 
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The cool summer daze through pines still moist from this morn'n dew.  Anywhay a new theater is opening Friday with ribbon cutting ceremony and all.  The new venture looks great and should do very well, as is the whole ole towne from lakeshore to Top Town in Olde Towne where everyone is do well and expanding Fast.

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From: pourinrane5/22/02 3:37 AM 
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Got a few days off and trying to catch up. Call ya in the morning. Lots goin' on with Fuzz and Danny comin out ( gotta book a few gigs for them) . . . Fuzz got solicited from his MP3 site for a wedding in Big Sur . . . but haven't heard back from them yet.
Have the Dolphin Video, a Starbucks coffehouse CD n'a database for indie sales.


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host6/14/02 2:29 AM 
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As my son Shep would say, "Its ALL GOOD" is that a song title or What?

The Fox show POP IDOL is produced by the same fellow who used Shep's song Dont Stop Movin' as a single for his group S Club 7 and became the most played and sold single in Great Britain for 2001.  Now he chose Shep's new song for their next single to be released next month and is expected to be A SMASH.  Meanwhile the Celine Dion cut is on 7million albums and Just In Front of You is the next single.  Are we going to get rich or What?  Meanwhile FCM has the co-host for the New Show Pop Idol contracted for the next 22 weeks with a subsequent 4 cycle 22 week pick up at escalating episode fees till syndication.  WOW what a win for both my sons and for me who live long enough to see some of the rewards to harvest from seeds planted in the 60's.


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host6/14/02 2:36 AM 
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HELLO out there in CYBERSPACE.  I hope you are all very well and prospering form being tuned into the the new Consciousness and are prepared for the Days to Come.  Time to forgive and forget.  Live in every precious moment away from terrorism and violence and make musicartfilmvideo and laugh.  Be Happy Dont Worry. Smile n' love one another.  Right Now.  Take your brother's hand before they are gone.

From: pourinrane6/14/02 4:54 PM 
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jammed with Brophy Dale of Lee Rocker's band and Stray Cats at Yesteryears last night. That would be a band for the theater . . . nice country/urban hybrid rockabilly band, with an cult following and dance mania . . . they pack em in at 2nd st. pictures to follow



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