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From: Vern (oldhippieguy)Apr-14 6:12 AM 
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Radio host Art Bell is dead, according to the Nye County Sheriff’s Department in Nevada.

“Community Announcement — Long time resident, and radio show host, Art Bell died today at 72 years old in his home in Pahrump Nevada,” the Sheriff’s Department announced on Facebook. 
“With an estimated 10 million listeners, Bell’s radio show 'Coast to Coast' was at the time of his retirement the most listened-to late-night radio program, and fourth overall,” ABC News reports.

Bell leaves behind his wife, Airyn, whom he married when she was age 22 in 2006. She was his fourth wife, and he had four children with multiple wives. 

 He is scheduled for an autopsy later this week to determine the cause of death and was 72-years-old, the sheriff said in a videotaped press announcement.

According to IMDB, Arthur Bell III was born in North Carolina in 1945. “By the age of 13, Art was an FCC licensed radio technician. A few years later, as a young airman, Bell and an equally foolhardy buddy built their own pirate radio station right on Amarillo Air Force base, secretly broadcasting Rock ‘n’ Roll to appreciative locals,” the site reports.

In 2015, KNPR reported that “Radio host Art Bell suddenly ended his long-running program ... citing alleged threats made against him and his family.” The site continued at that time, “Bell says shots have been fired outside his residency, and that he has spotted trespassers near his home late at night.” 

However, authorities gave no indication that Bell died of unnatural causes.

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From: Chaos Magnet (Kidmagnet) DelphiPlus Member IconApr-14 8:20 PM 
To: Vern (oldhippieguy)  (2 of 7) 
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Delphi had a Coast to Coast forum - I wonder if it is still around.

Yes it is actually.

Guess who has the lead in Spider Lake...


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From: Hankk62 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostApr-14 11:56 PM 
To: Vern (oldhippieguy)  (3 of 7) 
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He was often interesting to listen to....but he sure had some way out there ideas.


From: Vern (oldhippieguy)Apr-15 10:09 AM 
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Hankk62 said...

He was often interesting to listen to....but he sure had some way out there ideas.

Without his radio show, 
I would not have been informed of space aliens who live among us.



From: Chaos Magnet (Kidmagnet) DelphiPlus Member IconApr-15 10:45 AM 
To: Vern (oldhippieguy)  (5 of 7) 
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I'm one! or so I told my mom according to family legend. 

Guess who has the lead in Spider Lake...



From: P...... (Itsmeagain2)Apr-15 10:48 AM 
To: Vern (oldhippieguy)  (6 of 7) 
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I used to listen to the radio show of (I think) his name was Bohanan. He had a late night show and interviewed interesting authors and people. 

Edited to say I think he's still on!:

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From: Vern (oldhippieguy)Apr-15 11:27 AM 
To: P...... (Itsmeagain2)  (7 of 7) 
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I listened to him at times.


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