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From: kizmet15/7/19 12:39 AM 
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I use a TracFone Smart Phone. I was just notified today that my phone will soon be obsolete and my plan more expensive without triple minutes.
I was just thinking about dumping my landline and getting a 2nd TracFone to replace it. Now, I have to get a new phone and pay more per month for it. I don't talk on it but I sure like using the data feature for Delphi as an accident keeps me from using my desktop computer. My little phone has been a blessing.



Editing in a note on this subject as it is a promoted one: There's some good information in here so read on. the original poster also added an update from TracFone here

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From: Linda (LRuthers) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host5/7/19 10:32 AM 
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Oh, no. We have a TracFone, too. We use it maybe 5X a year. 



From: Marcia (MarciaM12)5/7/19 11:39 AM 
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Have you checked with other carriers? You may be able to get a deal somewhere. A friend has an iPhone and uses Consumer Cellular. She and her husband have been very pleased with them. They have all kinds of plans and good customer service or so she says.


From: kizmet15/7/19 12:09 PM 
To: Marcia (MarciaM12)  (4 of 65) 
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Tracfone owns many other companies. I am starting to sort them out now.
I pay under $7 a month and my minutes triple. I buy extra minutes for internet. They do not triple. I rarely talk or text so I have almost 3000 minutes of each.
The best I have found is around $15-20 a month and no tripling.
I am wondering how a company can get away with changing rules. Sort of like buying a car that runs on gas and then saying electricity will be the only type of vehicle allowed on the road.

From: Marcia (MarciaM12)5/7/19 12:20 PM 
To: kizmet1  (5 of 65) 
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I don't know anything about Tracfones. Are you willing to switch to another brand for less expensive service?

Here's the Consumer Cellular page. Good luck. I hope you find something which pleases you somewhere.


From: kizmet15/7/19 12:31 PM 
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Brand of phone or brand of carrier? Cost is the bottom line. I never cared to have a cell phone until I was in an accident, my car broke and I started taking public transportation. I live in a top neighborhood but there are certain "elements" that frequent my transfer points and I got scared really bad by a couple. A woman I met on the bus had just gotten a phone from tv so I did too. She had to tell me how to work it. I later discovered I could get on the internet and have never looked back.

From: kizmet15/7/19 12:37 PM 
To: Marcia (MarciaM12)  (7 of 65) 
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Talk is $15 month for 250 minutes. Text abd gata extra.
If I wanted to talk it would be great but I need data as I do not have wifi at home.

From: Marcia (MarciaM12)5/7/19 1:20 PM 
To: kizmet1  (8 of 65) 
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I hear you about cost and the safety of having a cell phone. Having it with me in the car makes me feel more secure. Yep, you can surely use if for the internet. I use mine for talk and lots of texting, too.


From: Marcia (MarciaM12)5/7/19 1:21 PM 
To: kizmet1  (9 of 65) 
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Not having wifi at home changes the game. I didn't realize, sorry.


From: gacat1235/7/19 1:31 PM 
To: kizmet1  (10 of 65) 
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My 87 yo Dad likes his TF not smart phone. I buy him days/hours once a year about $90.

I hope this shake up does not affect his plan. ?  He only makes/takes calls on it.



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