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Iril had had no luck thus far, finding out who had assaulted the hide-away. Her first stop after leaving the Northern Woodlands, had been Telford. She managed to procure a small room at one of the lowly Inns, where she was able to rid herself of the arrow protruding from her shoulder. After bathing herself, quite thoroughly, she had climbed from the tub only to see the water tainted by dirt and blood...however, she was able to use her knowledge of healing to staunch her pain and the bleeding long enough to disinfect and suture herself up. Mind you, it was not her best stitch work considering it was upon herself. After three days of rest and healing, she was on her way again.

Heading East, Iril caught the Southern regions of Nuall where she inquired of anyone who would speak to her, if they knew anything or had heard anything unusual regarding the Northern Wooldands. To no avail, the Elfkind once again garnered a room. She always kept under the radar, simply taking the cheapest room in the cheapest Inn she could find. Even the undesirables did not dare tread into those run down, rickety shacks. She took the risk of running into trouble, but thankfully the facade was enough to keep the criminal element at bay and allow her time to regenerate. After another two days, Iril continued on her journey for answers.

It had been nearly three weeks of continuous travel, on foot, before Iril reached the grand city of Cor Cathair within Cordaire. She had only ever seen this place once before, when she was a child, but back then the hub of all business had still been somewhat in it's infancy. The weary Elfkind went to the Visitor Center first and foremost, to see if there be any names upon the list that she recognized. Then she signed herself in, but, naturally, she did not use her real name. She did not know who may have been keeping tabs upon her while she was trying to find answers, to which she was beginning to believe were not there.

She had not even found a hint of information that would tell her what may have happened in the Northern Woodlands, or who was behind it. All she knew was that they had been safe until Crixus had arrived.

After the Visitor Center, Iril roamed the city, and found an establishment that was right up her ally. Actually, it was more of a tavern with a few rooms for rent. The Knave’s Blade. The only available room left was one upon the second floor, which Iril did not mind considering she did not relish the idea of sharing her room with a perfect stranger, much less one of ill repute. After ordering a bath, Iril cleansed herself, sanitized and redressed her wounds, and then headed downstairs to get a drink and something to eat.

Being a woman of action and distrust, Iril chose a corner table, and sat within the chair that was nestled within the actual corner of the main floor. No one could sneak up behind her, that was for certain. There was a window not but a few feet from her where she could see the comings and goings of the tavern, but if anyone were trying to kill her, they would have to be within the establishment to get a straight shot. From this spot, there was also a perfect view of the door.

Ordering a grog, Iril sat back and awaited her food.

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In light of events with the King and the rumour of his questionable sexuality, Gabe was put on temporary leave. In the past being put on paid leave was cause for celebration. In fact, he’d made an art form out of getting purposefully put on leave. This time was different though. He actually liked the young king and cared about his wellbeing. He knew the boy saw him as a friend, so no doubt he’d be disappointed when he learned Gabe would not be around for a while. In fact, until the rumour died down he wasn’t so much as allowed to speak to him.

Knowing he wouldn’t be standing guard all night, or getting up at an ungodly hour, Gabe decided to get stinking drunk. He’d play a few hands of cards and maybe find an easy woman. Paid or free, it didn’t matter. Once he was well into his cups, any woman would do.

Stepping into the Knaves Blade, he was greeted by a round of cheers from the locals. He was one of the few palace soldiers that wasn’t viewed with suspicion. He was one of them, and his open and friendly demeanour made him hard to dislike.

Moving through the crowded tavern, he slapped his mates on the back and got jostled in return. He stood a good head above everyone else, making it easy to take in the patrons and spot any potential troublemakers or bed partners. And damn if there wasn’t a looker sitting in the corner. As easy as she was on the eyes, he knew right off she wasn’t an easy roll. In fact, that one had a look that said she had a back eye just waiting for him.

With a chuckle he turned toward the bar and ordered top shelf whiskey. It was time to celebrate his paid holiday from the palace.


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Iril's food had only just been delivered when the door opened once more, allowing the warm night breeze to sweep through the tavern. "Thank you." She murmured curtly to the barmaid, slipping her some pence for her trouble, before shifting her prismatic, earth toned eyes toward the tall, brunette stranger. She observed him most closely, noticing that he seemed to be a favorite among the rabble that occupied this place. He seemed to be of no consequence to her, lest she would have recognize the warning signs right away.

However, just as she began to pick up her eating utensils, she noticed the troglodyte looking her way. Uh oh, perhaps she had been mistaken in dismissing this man. Iril's eyes narrowed slightly, and she deigned to appear as though she were paying him no attention as she began to eat her meal.

It had been her experience that, those with ill intent, preferred to wait until one was seemingly occupied before carrying out their dastardly deeds. She would not allow the savage to get the better of her, though. All who were responsible for the destruction of her home and all it's people, would perish!

Cutting into her lamb, Iril stabbed delicately into the piece of meat, and then slid it between her lips. For having lived a good portion of her adult existence within the hide-away, she had pristine table manners.


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As Moira, the owner of the Knave’s Blade, poured him two fingers of whiskey, Gabe leaned across the counter and gave her a wink.

“Got a room for me, beautiful?”

Corking the bottle, Moira raised a brow at him. “You must have done something really bad if they kicked you off the grounds this time.”

Gabe threw back his head and laughed. “You must be the only person in the city who hasn’t heard.”

“What? That you’re banging the King? I thought that one was true.”

“You wound me,” he gasped as he clutched his chest in a dramatic manner, but his eyes still laughed.

“Well, you’re out of luck, Gabriel. The last room went to the lady in the corner. I got a bed if you don’t mind sharing a room with the Duke.”

Gabe’s eyes immediately fell on the beauty in the corner. One look and he knew she’d be trouble, even if was something as small as meaning he’d have to share a room with the Duke. His eyes then trailed to the man in question. No one knew his real name. They called him the Duke, because he wore the same tattered suit that had seen better days. When he was still sober he spoke in a learned manner, and had perfect etiquette. When he drank, though, he was just another drunk at the Knave’s Blade.

“I’ll take the bed, but the minute something opens up, it’s mine.”

“You got it,” she replied, passing him a key along with his whiskey. Gabe then turned and scanned the room again, trying to decide where to plant himself for the night.


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It was quite difficult to make out the conversation at the bar, especially with so many other voices interfering. However, in that moment, she spotted the barmaid behind the bar nodding toward her, and the stranger's gaze immediately sought her out. Her elongated Elven ears twitched beneath her long, silvery blond hair, but she continued with her meal.

When she had finished eating, Iril pushed her empty plate away from her and set her dirtied eating utensils upon it. Taking up her mug, she tipped it to her lips and took a few gulps, casually eying the stranger from over the rim. The barmaid had passed the stranger a key. Intriguing. She could not simply assume that it was the very key to her room, but with such suspicious action, she could not rule it out either...especially since she had gotten the last private domicile.

Rising from her chair, Iril stepped out from behind the table and made her way toward the bar. Certainly, if she was being talked about, it would cease the moment she drew near. Setting her empty grog mug upon the counter, Iril nodded in silent order of another before placing her coin upon the bartop.


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Gabe was aware the lady across the room was looking him over. And why wouldn’t she? He stood out in this place like a sore thumb, and hadn’t exactly masked his own curiosity. And that curiosity only grew when she approached them at the bar.

“Hello, pretty lady.” He tipped an imaginary hat toward her.

Moira cocked a half smile. “Don’t harass the customers, Gabriel.”

“I wasn’t harassing her. I’m being a gentleman. Was I harassing you, pretty lady? Do you feel harassed?”

He shot her a crooked smile, trying not to appear intimidating.


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Well, if they had been speaking of her, they were exceedingly good at manipulating a conversation to make it appear as though they were speaking of her only casually. Almond shaped, earth toned eyes swept toward Gabriel...though she kept her face directed forward toward the bar. "I am uncertain of the feel of harassment." She stated calmly. "Perhaps a brief description of the symptoms?" The Elfkind arched her silvery blond brow, turning her full attention toward Gabriel, as well as her body.

Bracing her hand atop a bar stool, she leaned her hip against the edge of it, and inclined her head as she gazed upon the man before her. She was trying to assess if he seemed familiar to her, but the truth of the matter was...she had not seen the attackers of the hide-away. She had only witnessed the aftermath of the destruction they had caused.

"And another grog, if you please." She purred to the tendress, nodding toward the payment and empty mug upon the bar.



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Gabe’s earlier assumption that the lovely lass was prickly and too good for him took a bit of a nose dive. If he didn’t know any better he’d say she was flirting with him. And now he found himself short of a quick response. It wasn’t so much that his arsenal of comebacks was lacking. It was more that he needed to choose his words wisely. He had a feeling any number of his retorts wouldn’t fly with this one.

“Symptoms of harassment vary from patient to patient. Tell me, does my harassment cause the blood to rush to your cheeks, or somewhere lower?”

Moira made a choking sound even as Gabe mentally berated himself for his utter lack of a filter.

“Just for that,” Moira said, “this one’s on the house.” She pushed the lady’s coin back toward her. “You owe me two copper, Gabe.”

With a grumble he paid for the drink that was ‘on the house’.


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Gabriel's explanation brought much confusion to Iril, as was obvious by the way her brows lifted simultaneously. She paused for a moment, as if to consider, whether her blood rushed through any part of her body in particular, paying special attention to her cheeks...and anywhere lower upon her person. Finally, she lifted her earth toned gaze back up to Gabriel. "No." She responded quite bluntly.

It was Moira's generosity that caught the Elfkind's attention next, and glancing downward to the coins pushed back toward her, she took them up and put them back within her purse. She was not about to turn down a drink on the house. Though, she was equally surprised that the barmaid forced Gabriel to pay for her drink.

This, drew one corner of Iril's lips into a smirk. She did have the presence of mind to realize now, that this was a penalty for what he had said to her. She still was not quite certain of what had been so wrong with it, though. The men of the Hide-Away within the Northern Woodlands had not been quite so subtle. One always knew what was on the mind of others, for they were always straight forward, forthright, and honest.

"Thank you." Iril offered in gratitude to both Moira and Gabriel, taking up her newly filled mug only to take a sip from it.


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Gabe’s eyes shot to Moira’s at the lass’ answer. It sounded almost…guileless. Once again he found himself reassessing her. Not only that, he actually felt guilty for his crass remarks.

Clearing his throat, Gabe rubbed that back of his neck and tried again. Hopefully he hadn’t shoved his foot so fully in his mouth that he couldn’t redeem himself.

“Do you have a name you can share, pretty lady? I’m Gabriel, and this here is Moira. Her and her husband Belden own this fine establishment.”

He gave a crooked smile since everyone knew the Knave’s Blade was as far from fine as it got. That in itself had him feeling a protective streak toward this elven woman who seemed at once strong and naïve. Surely she’d be better off at the Gilded Spur.


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